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PVP:All Out Arena

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Flyff PVP All Out Arena

The new Flyff PvP Arena was implemented in v11. This arena has no rules and free PvP is enabled. You can attack and be attacked while in the Arena's boundaries. You do not lose EXP when you die in the arena nor will your pet lose any lives. You will have the option of Resurrecting (without any penalties) if you die.

Red Circle:
The Arena's PvP boundaries. Includes parts of the surrounding ring. If you step into the ring you can attack and be attacked.
Blue Circle:
The NPC [Arena Manager] Harold. Talk to him to leave the arena.
Green Circle:
Resurrection location.
Purple Circle:
The NPC [Arena Merchant] Dick. You can buy arrows, posters, pills and food from him. This NPC falls under Darkon (West Tower) jurisdiction for taxes.

Entering The Arena


The PvP Arena is accessible through the [Arena Master] NPCs that are each located in three of the main towns; Flaris, Saint Morning and Darkon. To enter, click the [Arena Master] NPC and select "Enter Arena". The Arena Master is usually close to the public office.

There are no PK/PvP penalties and there are no rules. The arena is available on ALL servers (channels) of a cluster, so it is possible to switch servers if a certain person is harassing you.

These are the locations of the [Arena Manager] NPC in each of the towns (where the character marker is facing) in the Navigator.

flaris_arena.gif sm_arena.gif darkon_arena.gif
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