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Job Change:Assist

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box-ass_02.gifbox-ass_03.jpgTheir divine aura is often sought after by other travelers that are in weary of the Assist's godly healing and skill enhancing magic. Having been taught by generations before them as a means of self-enlightment, they have mastered hand-to-hand combat which far exceeds anything thought


Congratulations On Wanting To Become An Assist

You've finally reached level 15 and are ready for the first Job change of your flyff life. Do not worry, Assists are a fun and interesting class.
If you have any questions and would like immediate help please visit our Assists Forum and start a new thread.

Speak To [Assist Trainer] Asis

assist1.gif assist2.gif

Start out by talking to [Assist Trainer] Asis in East Flarine. All you need to do is to meet (Assist Master) Maki.

Speak to (Assist Master) Maki

assist1.gif assist2.gif

He tells you to get 5 Forform from Mushpangs and bring them to (Assist Instructo) Kidmen in Eastern Flarine. Check your inventory/quest log to see how many of these items you already have. If you have them all, skip the next section.

Icon Requirements Monster
forform.gif 5 Forform Mushpang

Collect 5 Forform

mushpang.jpg mushpangm.jpg

If you do not have 5 Forform, hunt any type of Mushpang for Forform. You will get 1 Forform for each Mushpang killed.

Gather 5 forform and go to (Assist Instructor) Maki in Flarine Town if you have the rest of the quest items needed.

Talk To (Assist Instructor) Kidmen

Kidmen is located in Easter Flarine. She will award you 1,500 Penya and a Label of Technique. Your next task will be to (Assist Trainer) Asis.

Talk To [Assist Trainer] Asis

assist19.gif assist2.gif
Icon Name Effects
bullhamstern.gif 1 Bull Hamstern (Event) Max HP+300
vitalxdrink.gif 1 Vitaldrink X (Event) FP 100% and Preserving For 20 Minutes
activation.gif 1 Activation (Event) Continuously use skills in action slot for 10 Min.
reskill.gif 1 Reskill(Event) Reset skill points (Cannot be traded/stored in bank)

Give the Label of Technique to [Assist Trainer] Asis. A blinding blue light will envelop you. Congratulations! You are now an Assist!. Your stats have now been reset. As an award, you will receive the following items: Bull Hamstern, Vitaldrink X, Activation, Reskill. Note that as of v13 these items are no longer tradable.

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Original Author's Note

For help on what to do with your stats and skills, check the Assist Stat and Skill Build forum. Thanks for using this guide and have fun with the Assist class!

Guide written by Tenko. Thanks to vsn for helping me get TenkoIsSexy to 15.

V17 upgrades are made by M4GE

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