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Job Change:Acrobat

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box-acro_02.gifbox-acro_03.jpgAwesome dexterity and masters of the yoyo and bow, these Kings and Queens of duels keep their target off in the distance as they quickly drain away their enemies life


Congratulations On Wanting To Become An Acrobat

You finally reach level 15 and are ready for the first Job change of your Flyff life. Do not worry, Acrobats are a fun and interesting class. If you have any questions and would like immediate help please visit our Acrobats Forum and start a new thread.

Speak To Acrobat Trainer Thunder

Now you don't have to teleport to Darken.
New map comming soon!

2.gif 8m.gif

Thunder will ask you to speak with (Acrobat Master) Pire who will congratulate you and reward you 1,500 penya. Then she will ask for the following:

Icon Requirements Monster
forform.gif 5 Forforms Mushpang

Check your inventory to see if you have any of these items, as you may have collected some while leveling from 1 to 15. If this is the case, you may then directly skip to meeting up with (Acrobat Master)Pyre. If not, continue reading.

Collect 5 Forforms

mushpang.jpg mushpangm.jpg

Gather 5 Forforms and go to (Acrobat Master)Tailer Flarine Town if you have the rest of the quest items needed, and she will give you label of Technique and 1500 penya. (You will get 1 forform for each Mushpang killed!)

Talk To Acrobat Trainer Thunder

8.gif 8m.gif
Icon Name Effects
bullhamstern.gif 1 Bull Hamstern (Event) Max HP+300
vitalxdrink.gif 1 Vitaldrink X (Event) FP 100% and Preserving For 20 Minutes
activation.gif 1 Activation (Event) Continuously use skills in action slot for 10 Min.
reskill.gif 1 Reskill(Event) Reset skill points (Cannot be traded/stored in bank)

Give the Label of Technique to (Acrobat Instructor)Tailer. A blinding blue light will envelop you. Congratulations! You are now an Acrobat!. Your stats have now been reset. As an award, you will receive the following items: Bull Hamstern, Vitaldrink X, Activation, Reskill. Note that as of v13 these items are no longer tradable.

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Original Author's Note

Congratulations on becoming an acrobat! Acrobats are skilled with the bow and yoyo. Check out our Forums for additional assistance with your stats and skills by Searching for some good guides for help. You may also refer to The Archery Range. This is a great place to gain insight, as well as receive assistance, on any questions you may have concerning your life as an Acrobat.

Guide written by meimei. Thanks to Tenko for creating the assist guide, which was used as a reference. Also, a thank you to Tor for uploading and fixing up the guide, WreNXII for the screenshot of his Yoyo Acrobat, and Ryce for everything ♥.

V17 upgrades are made by M4GE.

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