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Flyff Hackers

Flyff throughout it's history has had known problems with Hackers. While many other games suffer the same problem Gala has vulnerabilities not only in the virtual online game but also on their web sites.

Many times both their website and games have been hacked. Hacks to their web sites are usually defaced. You can't underestimate the power that these people have. They could get GM, and spawn un-necessary equipment. They could create havoc, and could damage the FlyFF economy. Below are tales of the greatest FlyFF hackers.


TDxPro is a known hacker of Flyff. TDxPro is known for messing with the PK server Demian on eFlyff after being given GM powers by TDxDeadlyData. He then gave

  • Levels
  • Items
  • Job changes
  • And other offenses against the TOS

He also spawned monsters, and created havoc for a day, in full knowledge that he was going to get caught. He was then caught, and banned from Flyff.


For a while TDxPro was a GM on the private server FlyForFame. Although he left once the server began to grow more stable and popular.

GM Sorien

Back in the early days of flyff, Sorien was best known for hacking and exploiting, eventually gala caught onto what he was doing and offered him a chance to work for them as a game master. Usually game masters were required to live in San Jose, Sorien however was an exception and was allowed to work from home.

On 06-15-2007, Sorien was fired by the new project manager, for the reason that he was a volunteer gm that didn't live in San Jose. Sorien, angry about how he had been treated, gave out a large amount of cash shop items to random players, which lead to him being banned.


nForce was by far the most well known hacker during versions 6 and 7, he was mainly responsible for writing hacking scripts, and releasing them to the public on well known hacking forums. The hacks included features such as teleporting, buff stacking and an Area of Effect like hack which dealt massive amounts of damage, often killing everything on screen in a single hit. At one point nForce stepped down, due to legal threats from gala, however he started releasing hacks again a while after. He now goes by the name dBased and is a member of the FlyForFame team. Along with TDxDeadlyData he coded their anti-hack system known as ErlyGuard.

nForce also created a website made only for the purpose of showing off characters stats. This was pretty harsh since it showed many of the top siegers stats at the time, and back then stats were everything because they didn't have the items we do today.

Today, dBased sells his personal Anti-Hack, ErlyGuard, which is sold to Private Servers, for $300 You must contact him to own it. Though he has made a Anti-Leak system by making a "code" in the program for it to have a certin "serial". If it doesn't have it, It won't work.

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