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The glory of their king shines within the souls of all Knights which gives them great defensive and attacking power. When a Knight attacks, the ground beneath them quakes because of the tremendous force that a Knight exerts...


Flyff Knight

Knights have the highest defense among all classes and are considered the tankers of the game. They can reach HP levels in the tens of thousands, and the defense of concrete towers. Their defense is even further enforced with their strong, metallic armor.

With skills that even further increase the Knights' defense they truly are the tankers of FlyFF. Knights learn their first AoE attack at level 65, and because of their high defensive power, they can be one of the fiercest AoE warriors in the game.

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Knight Skills

Icon Skill Description Max Lvl
File:Skill_Knight_Charge.gif Charge Powerful, upward strike. Requires a two-handed sword. 10
File:Skill_Knight_PainDealer.gif Pain Dealer Powerful, downward strike. Lowers the defense of the target. Requires two-handed axe. 10
File:Skill_Knight_Guard.gif Guard Increases defense by lowering attack power. 10
File:Skill_Knight_EarthDivider.gif Earth Divider Powerful, downward strike. Requires a two-handed sword. 10
File:Skill_Knight_PowerStomp.gif Power Stomp Pounds the ground, stunning nearby enemies. Requires two-handed axe. 10
File:Skill_Knight_Rage.gif Rage Increases striking power and HP. Lowers defense and accuracy rate. 10
File:Skill_Knight_PainReflection.gif Pain Reflection Reflects a part of the damage received by an enemy. 10
File:Skill_Knight_PowerSwing.gif Power Swing To strike a blow at the enemy by flourishing a weapon. Requires a two-handed weapon. 10

Knight Master Skill

Icon Skill Description Max Lvl
File:Skill_Knight_Master.gif Special 2-handed Mastery Two-handed weapon ATK increases. 5

Knight Hero Skill

Icon Skill Description Max Lvl
File:Skill_Knight_Hero.gif Drawing Summons target within range. (breaks target lock) 5

Knight Weapon Choices

A knight has two weapon choices most optimal for it's performance. They are the two-handed Sword or the two-handed Axe. Wielding a weapon with two hands give more force and power for the knight to swing his very large and powerful weapons. The two-handed axe is the preferred weapon of choice because of the strength and bonuses of the rare weapons while aoeing a large mob of monsters.

Knight Speed Breaks

Speed breaks are the attack speed that increases depending on how much dexterity you have. When you increase your Dex to a certain amount you will have a speed break.

legendary.gif SWORD legendary.gif AXE
Dex  % Of Max Speed Dex  % Of Max Speed
15 32.7% 15 32.9%
20 36.9% 24 36.9%
90 41.6% 107 41.6%
163 46.4% 190 46.4%
234 51.3% 274 51.3%
306 56.5% 357 56.5%

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