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It is believed that the Blade was once a group formed before the change of our world, but no proof has been uncovered to date. Be careful not to make enemies of a Blade or you could find yourself on the ground before you know it...


Flyff Blade

When it comes to killing, wielding two weapons like the Blade can make any monster a puny hazard. Blades do sacrifice defense for power, but the speed of their attacks makes up for the lack of defense. Monsters fighting a Blade are often seen mid-air (knocked backed) while being attacked ferociously. The true power of a Blade lies in melee combat, rather than skill-based combat.

Like the Knight and the Mercenary, Blades have the option of wielding two types of weapons. The Axe and the Sword. The sword is once again defeated by the axe. There's no denying the power of the axe at higher levels when compared to the sword. Especially when comparing the Legendary level 105 weapons. With these axes, Blades are considered almost like Jesters for their high critical rate...

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Blade Skills

Icon Skill Description Max Lvl
File:Skill_Blade_SilentStrike.gif Silent Strike A fast, sliding strike. Requires two weapons. 10
File:Skill_Blade_SpringAttack.gif Spring Attack Strikes at an enemy multiple times. Requires two axes. 10
File:Skill_Blade_ArmorPenetrate.gif Armor Penetrate A melee skill which deals a powerful blow, ignoring 50% of target's defense rating. 10
File:Skill_Blade_BladeDance.gif Blade Dance A skill which strikes a target in a graceful movement and damages nearby enemies. 10
File:Skill_Blade_HawkAttack.gif Hawk Attack Powerful downward strike. Small chance to blind the target. 10
File:Skill_Blade_Berserk.gif Berserk A skill that increases attack speed and attack damage. While on Berserk, user cannot use any skills. 10
File:Skill_Blade_SonicBlade.gif Sonic Blade A melee skill which the user charges and delivers a powerful blow to the surrounding enemies. 10
File:Skill_Blade_CrossStrike.gif Cross Strike A melee skill which deals damage to the target in a cross-like pattern. 10

Blade Master Skill

Icon Skill Description Max Lvl
File:Skill_Blade_Master.gif Special 1-handed Mastery One-handed weapon ATK increases. (+150 Additional Damage) 5

Blade Hero Skill

Icon Skill Description Max Lvl
File:Skill_Blade_Master.gif Ultimate Defense Increases defense dramatically. (player is unable to move) Up to +300% Def at lvl 5. 5

Blade Weapon Choices

A blade can choose between four weapons. However only two of the weapons are most suitable for the Blade. They are the One-Handed Sword or the One-Handed Ax. A Blade would choose a sword if he wishes to be as fast as the wind. Compared to the Ax the sword is faster. Using the Axe, the Blade wields the power to destroy Evil. Choosing power over speed you will have much harder time reaching the desired speed break. Axe's even though slower ,have more damage per strength.

Blade Speed Breaks

Speed breaks are the attack speed that increases depending on how much dexterity you have. When you increase your Dex to a certain amount you will have a speed break.

bluejade.gif SWORD angels.gif AXE
Dex  % Of Max Speed Dex  % Of Max Speed
15 51.6% 15 51.6%
37 56.5% 53 56.5%
66 61.8% 94 61.8%
96 67.6% 136 67.6%
125 69.6% 178 73.8%
155 80.8% 219 80.8%
184 90.1% 261 90%
213 100% 303 100%

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