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Having once shared the same training grounds as the Assist, they've strayed from healing magic to seek a greater power. After 1000 years of training and searching for this power the BillPoster has finally grasp it...a power which even exceeds those of Gods.


Flyff Billposter

Don't let the name Billposter fool you! Billposters are an elite class of melee fighters which use all their skills to deal maximum damage. With these buffs Billposters are considered the most fearsome fighters in all of Roika.

Billposters are widely known for the skill which they receive at Level 80; Asalraalaikum. Asalraalaikum (in short: Asal) is the single strongest skill in FlyFF. Billposters can also cast a self buff called Stonehand, which allows their attack to stun the opponent. Along with their exclusive skill called Sonic Hand, they can almost always keep a target locked in stun. Billposters are one of the most versatile and self sufficient classes in FlyFF.

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Billposter Skills

Icon Skill Description Max Lvl
File:Skill_BP_BelialSmashing.gif Belial Smeshing Sliding, crushing attack. 10
File:Skill_BP_Asmodeus.gif Asmodeus Increases striking power. 10
File:Skill_BP_BloodFist.gif Blood Fist Strikes a heavy blow to the enemy that causes it to lose health over time. 10
File:Skill_BP_BaraqijalEsna.gif Baraqijal Esna Increases striking power while decreasing defensive power. 10
File:Skill_BP_PiercingSerpent.gif Piercing Serpent Fires a piercing beam at the target. 10
File:Skill_BP_BgvurTialbold.gif Bgvur Tialbold Strikes at nearby enemies with a outward shockwave. 10
File:Skill_BP_SonicHand.gif Sonichand Fast, straight punch. 10
File:Skill_BP_Asal.gif Asalraalaikum Fully concentrated strike. Consumes 100% MP. 10

Billposter Master Skill

Icon Skill Description Max Lvl
File:Skill_BP_Master.gif Special Knuckle Mastery Knuckle ATK increases. 5

Billposter Hero Skill

Icon Skill Description Max Lvl
File:Skill_BP_Hero.gif Disenchant Removes all the buffs on the target. 5

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