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Pudding and TGE - How It Started

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We started the Pudding and TheGreatestEver series based off the success of our second video we did for an official Flyff contest.

The contest was about creating a spooky video for halloween. With that in mind, we set out to create a video that was better than our first Flyff video we had made for a previous contest, which was a Flyff V9 Trailer. We got 2nd place for that contest, so we were really motivated to try harder and grab 1st place for this one! We worked on the video in stages, first planning out a script, then looking for filming locations, then onto the actual filming, then to the final process of editing the video. In editing the video we also make a voice script and then record our voices. It's a long and time consuming process :( But it can all be done in a week or two if we aren't too busy! I think we got it done fast because of the time constraint to turn it in before the contest deadline.

So anyways, we went ahead and made a YouTube profile so that we could start getting feedback on our video. We put up our V9 trailer and our Halloween entry, which is now episode two in the series. Most of the feedback was positive so we were really hoping to win the Halloween contest! And sure enough we did! We got first place!

After winning the contest, we decided to continue the series and started off by making the first episode showing how Pudding met TheGreatestEver. And that's how the series started :D

The Process

Creating an episode takes awhile sadly. We're only a two person crew so that might be a reason. However, it's also easier this way because usually when we work on the series Kristen and I are in the same room. We can show each other what gesture is needed for a certain scene or where exactly to position the characters. Stuff like that is just easier to do in person rather than working with others across the net, although we are not opposed to working that way at all.

Back to the process, we start off with brainstorming ideas on what key things should happen in the video. For example, in episode one the main thing to accomplish was TGE meeting Pudding in some way. The other thing to accomplish was to introduce LEE and show kinda how TGE got to be the way he is now. Once we get the main points of the video decided on we set out to make a rough script, detailing what happens throughout the video. We don't include dialog in this script because... we just do it later :D After the script, we go into the game and fly around looking for spots to film. Once we find the ideal locations we begin filming from the beginning of the video to the end. In the filming process we keep in mind the extra shots we will need for dialogs. Because of that we shoot alot of different angles of shots. Once the filming is done we start editing the video (my favorite part!) Again, we start from beginning to end. Once the video is put together we start deciding on the music to be played in the background. We try to only use the included Flyff music.

After music we move onto the sound effects needed. Same thing as music, we try to only use Flyff sounds. And after sound effects we move onto the voices (my least favorite part!) We watch the video and type out a dialog script. To do the voices we set up a recording area, make sure everything around us is dead quite, and start voice acting. It's really embarrasing to yell 'POWER UP' in your house, just to give you and idea of what we deal with :D After the voices, we put it together with the video and then we sit back and watch the episode a couple times! We fix anything that needs to be fixed and then we upload to Youtube! That's how we create an episode :)

The Programs

Here's a list of programs we use.

Frapps (unregistered) - Frapps is awesome, even if it is unregisterd! The main limitation to it is that we can only film 30secs of footage, but that is plenty of time! I have a general rule that a shot (in the video) should only last 4 to 6 seconds.

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 - I've had this program for awhile so I've just stuck with it. It's pretty good as it can handle my workload, which isn't as near as much as a typical video editor.

Windows Movie Maker - Lol, I only use this to make videos smaller :D
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