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Billposter Guide
Billposter Guide
Published by vietboi91
Default Billposters



What is a Billposter?

Flyffworld says:
Having once shared the same training grounds as the Assist, they've strayed from healing magic to seek a greater power. After 1000 years of training and searching for this power the BillPoster has finally grasp it...a power which even exceeds those of Gods.

Vietboi says:
Billposter is the other half of an assist, the fighting one. It has the buffs of an assist, but has gotten new fighting skills as a Billposter. Many fears the Billposter, both monsters and players because of the fighting abilities, and powerful skills. Billposters are the ultimate soloers because of the buffs they got as an assist, and an ultimate PvP’er because of the skills they got as a Billposter.

Billposters Jobchange

NOTE! Dont jobchange or level to 60 before you have done the Red Bang Quest. Here is a link to the quest, and with help of course
Red Bang Quest

When you have leveled your way to level 60, its time to jobchange. Here’s nice guide that will help you through the jobchange. Billposter’s jobchange

This is a Billposter’s guide, but im going to give u some tips on getting the fastest to level 60.

The fastest way is getting plevels. All classes will benefit with having a assist buffing them. So shout for higher levels, normally 15-19 levels higher to plevel you for free. They will love your buffs. I say only buffs, because you are going Billposter, so no heal is needed. That means that you will be unable to heal them. Don't worry, people will still want you, they want your buffs. Just make sure you tell them that your are battle assist.

The AoE way can be the fastest. At early levels its kinda hard to find a pleveler. So why not just level by yourself? This way is fast but you will need a restat if your planning on going 1v1 later on. If u have decided to go AoE then this is the way to go.

Build for AoE ASSIST:
Str: 40-50
Sta: xxx
Dex: 15
Int: 15

Skills that needs to be maxed:

-Heap up
-Burst Crack
-Beef Up

If u dont find a p-leveler, or dont want to go AoE. You can just level 1v1, and aim for a Billposter build that you will find on the next page.


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Yes 7 No 0
By ictl on 03-27-2008, 10:14 AM

Good start so far (I know that this guide isn't finished yet and you are still modifying it). I can't really say much on how to improve it as you only have 2 pages done atm, but what I can suggest is to try to include information that the current assist/bp guides don't already have. If you keep going like this and add some pictures, this could potentially turn out to be a very good guide. But the main point is to make it different to the other guides out there.
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By Toxikated on 03-31-2008, 09:16 AM

Well you got me into BP's So i'd say this guide is lovely...

Especially the BP skills, I didnt know what to max and not :3

Well take care, 5/5
Reply With Quote
By Snake_eyez6910 on 03-31-2008, 11:04 AM

decent so far

go get some more in-depth information on the builds =3
Reply With Quote
By vietboi91 on 04-01-2008, 02:18 AM

Originally Posted by Snake_eyez6910 View Post
decent so far

go get some more in-depth information on the builds =3
What you mean with in-depth info? It would be great help if you could tell me

Also i alot of school work havent worked on the guide for a few days now...will start again when im done with most of my schoolwork.
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By Magicca on 04-01-2008, 02:37 AM

Great work so far, very useful, good info, Keep it up!!
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By Dr. Polaris on 04-01-2008, 04:25 AM

not bad...i hope this guide will replace the old one made by....slickD or someone-who-i-can't-place-my-middle-finger-on
Reply With Quote
By vietboi91 on 04-01-2008, 05:38 AM

ty for replies!

If anyone has suggestions just tell me like snake allredy have done

And again snake...if you reading this. What do you mean go in-depth on the builds? what more do can i add? Cant figure it out atm XD
Reply With Quote
By Snake_eyez6910 on 04-01-2008, 11:26 AM

talk to and/or watch some int aoe bp's while they're leveling, get advice on how it's best done

and on the 1v1 builds, explain in better detail the reasons for using the build and it's advantages/disadvantages as well as the kind of equipment (awaken-wise, piercing etc) that most benifits it

some tactics in pvp with each build would also be nice >:P
Reply With Quote
By vietboi91 on 04-01-2008, 11:45 AM

ah...that can i easily add! TY for snake for pointing out that . Was thinking on doing the awakening part, but now i see it was more ^^

That with Int aoe leveling, that i will try to later. Now i wanna focus on the 1v1 part so it get best as possible.
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