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Movie Mogul
Default The Flyffworld Rep System & Post Count Guide - 08-15-2007, 04:10 PM
The Flyffworld Reputation System
As of February 8, 2010


There's Rep Power and there's Rep Points. Rep Power is, simply put, the ability to aid or damage another Flyffworlder's Rep Points total. This is also known as Rep/De-rep (raise someone's Reputation Points/reduce someone's Reputation Points).

De-rep actions are only half as effective as Rep actions:
  • If Flyffworlder A takes a positive Rep action (Rep) on Flyffworlder B, the latter's Rep Points increase by the same amount as Flyffworlder A's Rep Power.
  • If Flyffworlder B takes a negative Rep action (De-rep) on Flyffworlder B, the latter's Rep Points decrease by half the amount as Flyffworlder A's Rep Power.

Starting Rep Power/Rep Points

Everyone starts with 0 Rep Power and 10 Rep Points.

What raises Rep Power
  • Seniority: Every 365 days since registering raises Rep Power by 1
  • Post-count: Every 10,000 posts raises Rep Power by 1
  • Rep Points: Every 500 Rep Points raises Rep Power by 1

When can a Flyffworlder Rep/De-rep Others?
  • Flyffworlders need to have a post-count of at least 50 before one can Rep/De-rep others
  • Flyffworlders need to have at least 10 Rep Points before one can Rep/De-rep others

How often can a Flyffworlder Rep/De-rep?
  • Flyffworlders are limited to a maximum of two Rep/De-reps over a 24-hour period.
  • Flyffworlders must also "share the cheer/gloom". This means if Flyffworlder A has already taken a Rep/De-rep action on Flyffworlder B, he/she must Rep/De-rep 10 others before he/she can Rep/De-rep Flyffworlder B again

The Flyffworld Rep System is a means to show a Flyffworlder's appreciation (or otherwise) of another Flyffworlder's contribution to the community. It has NO effect on a Flyffworlder's site access privileges (unless you drop to negative Rep Points, in which case you no longer have access to the Flyffworld arcade games).

For the most part, the most a Rep/De-rep action can do is to boost, or bruise, one's ego.

Note: Flyffworld has rules against canvassing Rep/De-rep actions, so don't try it. Want to receive Reputation Points? Contribute positively to the community. Defiance against this will result in a ban from the reputation system. For more information, read Rules & Policies of FlyFFWorld

Last edited by meimei; 02-08-2010 at 05:23 PM. Reason: Updated to New System

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Movie Mogul
Default Post-Count in Flyffworld - 08-23-2007, 06:48 AM
As of August 23, 2007

All posts count towards a member's tally, save for posts made in threads the following subforums:
  • Flyff Happenings
  • Spam Central
  • Private Guild Subforums*
  • Marketplace (and the subforums within this subforum)**

If you make posts in a thread that is moved to any of the subforums given above, your post-count will drop as those posts are disregarded by the vBulletin system.

* Posts made here used to count until the private nature of such subforums was abused
** Posts made here used to count, until it was decided that it should be disabled so that members can bump threads here without being accused of spamming

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