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The 1v1 Billposter [v18]
The 1v1 Billposter [v18]
Published by imamushroom
Post What to do from levels 15-60


What to do from levels 15-60 -

Ok, this chapter is basically all about what quests to do, I'm not going to detail every mob to fight, just fight roughly 4-8 levels above you when grinding. Use a character simulator for info on best exp mobs.

Right, first quest of all is the v18 Scenario Quests. I'm not sure if these are going to be here in v19, because the name says 'v18' but yeah, this guide is for v18 so yeahh! The only problem with it not being here after v18 is your gonna have to buy your Talin/Sayram set /:
So yeah these quests, by level 60 if you do all the parts, you should have about 8-10m I think. Also, it gives you +3 armour at two stages, +6 weaps at another and +7 weaps at another point. As well as those, you get about 20 of each element card, 20 awakening scrolls (I think it's 20 anyway) 10 suns and 10 moons (that might be post 60 parts though) and I think that's about it. These are the quests that will give you your Talin/Sayram set for free, so while in v18 it is a must! A guide to this quest is here follow that and your good.

Second quests, the Mia Quest. Basically this gives you a +3 Gore Necklace, about 70k penya, and the thrill of killing [I have a potty mouth]loads of mias -.- So yeah do this for the Gore, its a great asset to your HP. A guide to this quest is here - - follow it and you've got your Gore. By the way, this quest is only for level 20-30 so you have to do it at like 25 pretty much.

Last quest to do by neccesity. The Red Bang Quest. Gives you about 358k penya, and a Entanale Sword, which you can sell in private shop for about 2m if your lucky, you can awaken it or just npc sell it. Do this quest, as it helps you after 60 to hit level 62 really fast! Wait till level 40 to kill the giant though, otherwise you'll be destroyed. A guide to this quest is here - - follow that and your good.

That's about it for this section, tell me if you think there should be more here.


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By martinSL on 04-10-2012, 09:22 PM

nice guide! i'm new at this game and i would like to know how you get the set you recommend and the weapons, gonna follow this!

waiting for more updates keep up the good job
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