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The 1v1 Billposter [v18]
The 1v1 Billposter [v18]
Published by imamushroom
Post Equipment - Weapons


Equipment - Weapons -

Ok, once again, I'm only going to list the knuckle you need and the main assist green knuckles :P

First: Irony Knuckle

Bonuses: STR+2, Crit Rate =1%
Pretty much useless knuckle, only here because im posting the level 15,30,45 and 60 rare knuckles. Ignore this knuckle

Second: Steel Knuckle

Bonuses: STR+3, Atk Speed +5%
Ok knuckle, get it if you have the money, the atk speed+5% is pretty nice, but you can just get the level 25 rare knuckle (+10% atk speed) to help out with that.

Third: Fist Of Revenge

Bonuses: STR+5, Reflect Damage +10%
Pretty good pre 60 knuckle, not neccasry but reflect damage is always fun :3 Btw, the other level 45 Rare is just STA+2 so yeah leave it alone.

Fourth: Guardian Knuckle!!

Bonuses: Atk Speed+15%, HP+15%
Amazing knuckle, this is the knuckle you will need for a 1v1 bp to atleast 75, usually over that though. My 85 1v1 BP still uses it :3 So yeah this is a must! You have to get this knuckle. I don't care how you get the money, scam, beg or just politely ask, but you must have the money for this knuckle! The atk speed is what gives my bp style its max atk speed (:

Once again, all picture/info is from Flyff Wiki by Gpotato. Thank you Flyff Wiki (:


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By martinSL on 04-10-2012, 09:22 PM

nice guide! i'm new at this game and i would like to know how you get the set you recommend and the weapons, gonna follow this!

waiting for more updates keep up the good job
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