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The 1v1 Billposter [v18]
The 1v1 Billposter [v18]
Published by imamushroom
Post Skills


Skills -

Ok, here i will post all the skills of the Assist/Billposter and their descriptions, even the ones you don't need to get (:
1: Heal - Recovers the HP of the target
2: Mental Sign - Increases the int of the target by 20 when maxxed.
3: Patience - Increases the max HP of the target by 210 when maxxed.
4: Heap Up - Increases the sta of the target by 40 when maxxed.
5: Quick Step - Increases the walk speed of the target by 30% when maxxed.
6: Resurrection - Resurrects the target with +240 hp when maxxed.
7: Straight Punch - Powerful, straight punch.
8: Beef Up - Increase the STR of the target when maxxed.
9: Circle Healing - Heals all party members in aoe range by 200 HP.
10: Haste - Increases the Att. Speed of the target by 25%.
11: Stonehand - Has a 12% chance to stun, I will explain later on.
12: Burst Crack - Pounds the ground around target and damages enemies.
13: Cats Reflex - Increases Block Rate by 12% when maxxed.
14: Accuracy - Increases Hit Rate by 20% when maxxed.
15: Prevention - Reheals you when HP is below 10% back to full when maxxed.
16: Cannon Ball - Increases the DEX of the target by 20 when maxxed.
17: Power Fist - Concentrated power strike.

Now, Billposter Skills -
1: Asmodeus - Increases Knuckle attack power by 80 when maxxed - requires poster.
2: Belial Smashing - Sliding, Crushing Attack.
3: Baraqijal Esna - Increases striking power, while decreasing defensive power of the target - requires poster.
4: Blood Fist - Strikes a heavy blow to the enemy that causes it to lose health over time.
5: Bgvur Tialbold - Strikes at nearby enemies with an outward shockwave - requires poster.
6: Piercing Serpent - Fires a piercing beam at the target.
7: Sonic Hand - Fast, straight punch.
8: Asalraalaikum - Fully concentrated strike, consumes 100% mp. Strongest move in the game - requires poster.
9: Special Knuckle Mastery - Increases knuckle damage by 180 when maxxed. Master skill.
10: Disenchant - Has a 35% chance to remove all buffs from the target when maxxed. Hero Skill.
And that is all the Assist and Billposter skills.

Now for the order in which to max your skills. Heap Up, Haste, Stonehand (19), Beef Up, Accuracy, Cannon Ball, Asmodeus, Burst Crack (optional), Cats Reflex (optional). The reason for Stonehand being only level 19 is that, level 19 now has the same statistics as level 20, saving you 2 skill points and 2 mp


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By martinSL on 04-10-2012, 09:22 PM

nice guide! i'm new at this game and i would like to know how you get the set you recommend and the weapons, gonna follow this!

waiting for more updates keep up the good job
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