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The 1v1 Billposter [v18]
The 1v1 Billposter [v18]
Published by imamushroom
Post The 1v1 build


The 1v1 build -

Alright, first the build, then explanations.
Strength: xxx
Stamina: 30
Dexterity: 43
Intelligence: 15

Firstly, i will explain the dex part of the build. You should have max cannon ball, if you are any decent bp, so 43 dex + 20 dex from cannon makes 63 dex, which is a knuckle speed break. Combine this with haste and a Gknuck (15% attack speed) you get a att. speed of 96% which is the max att. speed. (: that is the hitting very fast part of being a billposter.

Now, the sta part, 30 sta is just a good number to have because with max heap up that gives you a nice 70 sta, which can give you enough def and hp to tank crits from two or even three aggros, which will save you life (: No other reason for the 30 sta but that.

Thirdly, STR STR STR , str brings your attack power up, which without you would be a useless bp, and would fail horribly at both pvp and pvm. So yeah just full str when everything else is capped. This is the hitting hard part of the build

And finally, Int, seriously? A 1v1 bp with int, thats just stupid. 'nuff said

Follow this build and everything should turn out well. I took my bp in arena at level 70, and destroyed nearly the whole arena, except for that ele -.- Refer to chapter 7 on how to build it.


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By martinSL on 04-10-2012, 09:22 PM

nice guide! i'm new at this game and i would like to know how you get the set you recommend and the weapons, gonna follow this!

waiting for more updates keep up the good job
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