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Published by RochellexXx
Default Acrobat


Hi Today I have some guidance on proposed tariff classes of Flyff, Prime analyze the acrobat
The acrobat, and a classification of the PU interesting game. You can use because of the types of weapons bulid a Second: the arc (arc) or the yo-yo. And 'A class that is based Silla Silla Speed ​​and Physical Strength, Very funny and a Notice million expare UN acrobat, which then becomes HAS jester or ranger.
At 60 we Cyaxares Jester or Ranger.
There are types because Jester ", BowJester" and "YoyoJester". The speed BowJster Basa All Silla, and Silla on the critical hit chance 'to block and avoid the blows of avverzari. 'A class A little force, as Classic Jester skills can not be used by the OSU solo BJ admit because of the yoyo. Until recently, the class of BJ was very popular, but lately has been very penalized by the new version of Flyff. Recommended for those who want character UN commitments, since the beginning level without quite easily Too much labored.
The Class A and instead YoyoJester Very strong in second place after the blade PVM (plaer vs. monster) and Second Place in PvP (player vs. player) AFTER the Billposter. And 'So Very Good IS A class in PVM That in pvp. I notice the YoyoJester One of the classes more fun and the Game, Also own and difficult to get to 60 and is a little expensive, that is a good pull up Lapena yj.
The Ranger AoE, and PERHAPS THE CLASS The stronger of the Game (from level 90 and up). Class Also beautiful aesthetically speaking, all pointing Silla dex, which by itself does not increase the% of blocked shots, but Also increases the attack of your bow. And 'A class AoE, Very Fast, and then a leveling. Shortly flow for the giant hunting, cw and PVM, but of any class and Normal This AoE. I highly recommend the Ranger who wants to be an alternative, and "cool" xD
A charge was to come here;
The stat points:
Council will assign stat points to choose from self to become Jester or Ranger immediately to the benefit of not having to Finding it impossible to not be able to continue with a gocare That character and having to cancel.
STR: Increases physical strength. Increase it if you want a ticket yj, if you want to keep it at minimum price ranger or bj
STA: Increases defense and HP, increase it if you do not have money to provide exceptional
DEX: Increases the target (misseretedi Meno) and the% of shots that failed to prevent or block (block Nell'acrobat rate increases the attack of the bow, so if you want to become a ranger, or go all-Silla dex bj ..
INT: Increases the magical force. Then let the acrobatic not serve to 15.
Character level 15
Description: The yoyo wraps around the target allowing you to pull the acrobatic self-pressure-
Description: Slow down the movement of the opponent
Character level 18
Fast Walker
Required: Pulling level 4
Description: Increases the speed of the United Nations determined period of time.
Level 20 character and
Yoyo Mastery
Required: LVL 3 Slow Pitch
Description: Enhance the Accuracy and the attack of the yoyo
Bow Mastery
Required: Junk Arrow Level 5
Description: Increases the attack of 1 of the arc at the level of expertise (maximum 20)
Character level 30
Dark Illusion
Required: Level 6 Fast Walker
Description: Makes the character invisible to UN specified period of time
Cross Line
Required: Yoyo Mastery Level 4
Description: stuns the opponent, the likelihood increases with the level of skill.
Filmed in silence
Required: Bow Mastery Level 4
Description: Used during Dark Illusion UN launches attack on your opponent.
Character level 35
Required: Yoyo Mastery LvL8
Description: solo can be used in conjunction with Dark Illusion, provocation UN Powerful and subtracts some damage to your opponent penya
Filmed faces
Required: Bow Mastery Level 5
Description: Automatic striking the most vulnerable target causing double the damage Normal.
Character level 40
Counter Attack
Required: Level 10 Cross Line
Description: Counterattack the enemy having avoided his attack on UN
Character level 45
Perfect Block
Required: Dark Illusion LVL 8
Description: Increases your block rate
Car shot
Required: Silent Shot Lvl 9
Description: Used during Dark Illusion, increases the likelihood that the enemy attacks but the car hit rate is reduced during the USO.
Character level 50
Swing death
Required: Level 10 Snitch
Description: provocation 's Progressive weakening of the adversary Also AFTER the execution of the expert opinion
Arrow Rain
Required: Aimed Shot Level 5
Description: Rain of arrows around the target (AOE skills)
I hope I have not forgotten anything

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