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Default Magic: The Gathering - 02-01-2010, 08:01 PM
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Magic: The Gathering, Wizards of the Coast does. This is simply a story using the "Ally" creature subtype from their cards.

The forest was alive. Small rodents darted across the leaves, escaping the starving ravenous eyes above. The land itself seemed to rumble with fury, trees waiting for their untimely death, standing like noble and gallant soldiers. One of those soldiers began to fall.
"Oh crap!" muttered Ami, "gotta run." She ran for cover, climbing up a large majestic oak, who cradled her in it's branches. The others caught their fallen comrade, making something that resembled a gate. Ami laid back, put her hands behind her head, and took a much needed rest. She had removed all of her adventuring gear, and her sweat soaked clothes to reveal simple green undergarments. Beads of sweat covered her smooth tan skin caused by many years of exploring the outdoors. She shook her head to remove the stray pebble, and closed her eyes. Her light brown hair stood out starkly to the gray oak, it was cut a little above shoulder length. She stayed there, taking in the natural sounds and smells of that which she loved.

Tremendous rumbling interrupted her siesta, roars bellowed and shook the forest. Quickly, she grabbed her gear that was hanging on the branches, threw on her adventuring clothes, and grabbed her gear, stuffing her pockets with various salves and tools. Can't forget this thought Ami, grabbing her trusty machete right before leaping off of the lofty tree, landing right on top of the source of chaos.
"There you are! I've been waiting for you!" yelled Ami. She smiled, and tugged on the sprouts of grass that seemed to cover the beast. Her legs wrapped around the thick body as well as they could, and gripped on for dear life.
"So this is a mold shambler..." Ami exclaimed, marveling at the hippo looking creature she was on. The creature thrashed in response, felling trees like dominoes. Ami dug frantically into her pocket and brought out a sharp, spiny plant, oozing a bit of viscous liquid out of the end. Quickly and expertly, she dove it into the base of the animal's neck, twisting as she did so to inject the maximum amount of sedative. She swung her self off of the side using the mold shambler's grassy exterior for leverage, and landed nimbly on her feet, much like a cat would, bracing her self with her hands.
"Wait, what?" said Ami, looking up in awe and terror. Instead of becoming calm, the creature grew even more crazed, set on a wild rampage, it's only goal destruction. Stomping the ground with the force of a hundred marching ogres, the shambler moved menacingly closer and closer. The earth shrieked and rumbled in response, forcing Ami to the ground. She rolled over and looked up in terror, a mindless puppet of her fear. She put up her hands in defense, as if it would protect her from the three ton beast that now loomed above her, when all sound ceased. Slowly, sound by sound began to come back, birds singing, the gentle trickle of a stream nearby. The sounds of nature shone through again.

A voice broke through the quiet lull. "You need to give them a stimulant." said the voice, young and vibrant. "Otherwise, it'll just get angrier." Ami opened her eyes. Standing in front of her was a man, if he could be called that. Looking only to be eighteen to twenty years of age, he carried a long and thick sword, almost as tall as him. Unbelievably pale, his skin stood out starkly from his brown and green clothes, though his short blonde hair contributed. He walked forward and offered a free hand, which Ami gladly took. She was impressed with his strength, it was as if he was picking up a stick.
"Thanks." said Ami simply, brushing the dirt off of her clothes. She surveyed the land, and spotted the once angry mold shambler docilely grazing on grass, quite like a cow.
"My name's Kaz" said the stranger, "What's a pretty little lady like you doing fighting giant moldy animals?" he chuckled. Ami gave him a glare.
"None of your business. How did you get all the way here anyway, you look like you couldn't walk 2 miles without needing to camp and rest your poor sore toes." Ami punched him in the arm quite hard, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from her recipient. She walked away, smiling wryly, and retied her headband.
"Hey! I toiled in Kazuul's mines when I was eight. I think I'm tough enough for a little hiking. Are you searching for the treasure too?" he asked quizzically. Ami stopped, paused for a moment, and turned around. She looked at him, perplexed.
"Treasure?" Kaz swung his mighty sword through the air, implanting it firmly into the ground. He leaned on it lazily, his hands going behind his head.
"There's a great treasure in Zendikar, some say it can transform the most lowly peasant into the most divine being." Ami scoffed.
""I care nothing for treasure. The land beckons me, and I cannot rest until my feet have touched every inch of it."
"Hey, we will be going everywhere you know! You'll get to touch all the land you want! Plus, you would get to spend time with me all day and night!" said Kaz jokingly, winking as he did so.
"That would be worse than spending a day in Kamigawa." she said, chuckling. It would be good to have my own personal Hada freeblade bodyguard thought Ami. The day grew dark as the blazing sun darted underneath the canopy ahead. "No use in blindly feeling around in the dark... I'll think about it. Let's make camp for now." declared Ami. She began to strip down to her undergarments.
"I'd like to feel something else in the dark..." mumbled Kaz, glancing at Ami's athletic body, trimmed and toned from treks in the forest. A large hook flew out of the air, wrapping itself around the back of Kaz's neck, and pulled him to his knees. Ami whispered in his ear.
"You couldn't handle me." She took her hook back and smiled...this was going to be amusing. Kaz rubbed his sore neck, wincing in pain. Ami searched around, and soon had a small bundle of tinder in front of her. She knelt down in front of it with two rocks she had brought out of her pack, and started striking them together, though failing to get the twigs to ignite.
"Move" said Kaz calming, wrenching his sword from the dirt. Ami shuffled to the side and watched as he stood directly in front of the bundle, and closed his eyes. Suddenly he yelled something Ami could not understand into the air, raising his sword. White orbs floated up from the earth, and he crashed his sword down onto the sticks, bringing a bolt of pure white light with it. The tinder promptly burst into flame.
"Something I picked up from the Kor. Too bad I can't do more, barely any plains here for the mana I need." Ami smiled.
"Do you know what I am?" she questioned. Kaz shook his head, giving her a quizzical look.
"A Harabaz druid." she replied, sitting down. She crossed her legs and put her hands into her lap, resembling a Buddha. Her eyes gently closed, and she focused greatly, blocking out all other distractions except for nature itself. The ground started to glow below them with a blinding light, orbs of shimmering energy lifted themselves from their prison. Spheres of every color filled the air.
"We have no troubles with mana" Kaz laughed and applauded. They talked and jested, laughter filled the night sky, and a calm washed over the forest.
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Default 02-02-2010, 10:33 AM
Lucian stood upon a lone rock, watching the nefarious denizens of Malakir crawl to and fro, seeking nourishment. Mosquitoes buzzed around, nearly twenty times the size of those found anywhere else. Dagger like mouths thirsted for blood. Hagra crocodiles filled the swamps, eagerly snapping at anyone who dare bring a limb in distance of hundreds of teeth. Miasma hung in the air, an endless reminder of decay and death, skeletons attempted to crawl out from whence they were buried. This was his home. Sighing, he knelt down, grabbed a clump of dirt and sniffed. This was his daily routine, sniff and search for food. Sniff and hope that the occasional badger or if he was lucky, an injured wolf. At first, his bored expression remained, until he picked up something...interesting to say the least. His nostrils flared, his dim yellow eyes brightened just a bit, clearing up some of the brown that muddied the waters. Smirking, his lips parted to reveal razor sharp fangs. Food was present. Lucian stood up, and looked towards the moon. Wind rustled his cloak, blending in with the black night sky. Pulling his hood over his eyes, he thought about how he hadn't fed in days, or had a decent meal in...months. All of that was about to change. He jumped from tree to tree, rock to even the occasional crocodile. Swiftly, he headed over to the source of his excitement. He peered into the distance, making out his prey. Two travelers. One wearing white, the other wearing green.

Ami struggled to drag Kaz across the dead desecrated earth. She cursed as she tripped over a a vine, it sent both of them tumbling down. It was as if everything in this damned land was trying to murder them. Ami rolled Kaz over and sat on his chest, slapping his face over and over again. Covered in dirt, mud and blood, tears streamed down her cheeks.
"Man oh man" muttered Ami, glancing at Kaz's leg. The gash had opened even wider, spilling precious blood, the dry earth greedily drinking the source of Kaz's life. The barb that was sunken into his leg was in quite deep, in fact, if Ami had not sliced the cord connecting it to the trap they had passed, Kaz would be missing a chunk of his leg.
"Damn...this..accursed..Malakir" whispered Kaz, struggling to sit up. His muscles ached with exhaustion, his body protested leaving it's somewhat comfortable resting position. Ami pulled out a healing salve from her pack and squeezed the liquid into Kaz's mouth. Drinking the shimmering liquid, he regained a bit of health, enough to move about anyway. Ami reached back into her pack, this time bringing out a tough white cloth, woven together expertly by able hands. She wrapped it loosely around his leg, glancing at him quizzically.
"Grab a stick and get ready" she said softly, her breaths growing more shallow and faster. Kaz grabbed a nearby stick and stuck it into his mouth, giving a thumbs up. The barb couldn't be removed, so the cloth had to be placed just right to stop the maximum amount of bleeding. She eyed the positioning carefully, wrapped it a second time. Taking a deep breath, she counted to three and pulled hard. Kaz bit down on the stick as hard as he could, breaking it in half and causing his molars to slam into each other. Screams filled the air. The once pure white cloth turned a brilliant scarlet red.

Lucian's ears perked up. He had settled in a tremendous tree, covered in dark and moldy vines. They seemed to devour it with sheer numbers, leaving the wood rotten and gnarled. The yellow-eye vampire smirked as he witnessed the white clothed traveler's pain. The sight of blood burned into his mind, it was the only thing he focused on. Mindless thoughts ran through his head, They're wasting it! They're wasting it! The reason for so much chaos and rapture...about a cup is in the ground. His hand darted towards the sheath he kept on his back, holding his elegant blade. He pulled it out and examined it. The dual sided blade curved in an S shape slightly, with the hard wooden hilt in the center being protected by a steel hand guard. However, time for dawdling was over, now it was time to eat. Lucian leaped from his hiding place, arms spread wide in the air resembling a bat. Ami hardly had time to glance at her attacker before being struck to the side with the cold steel hand guard. Lucian's eyes flicked towards Kaz, who was yelling in protest. Everything slowed down, colors faded away, time stood still. Lucian deftly spun the blade from hand to hand, distracting Kaz until punching Kaz in the forehead, sending him flying several meters backward. Can't slice, can't waste blood, can't waste blood, can't waste blood, can't waste blood ran through Lucian's head, his actions completely void of thought and reason. He just needed blood. Turning back towards Ami, he dropped to the ground, brushing hair away from his target. Tender and succulent, Ami's neck provided him a feast for the eyes as well as a feast for his fangs. His lips parted once again to reveal fangs, which sped towards their destination, before Lucian noticed...a bit of movement behind him. A slight gust of wind drove Lucian to roll to the side, which revealed to be good thinking. Moments after, a gigantic blade swung through the air where Lucian had been, digging itself into the dirt.
"GET AWAY FROM HER" said Kaz sternly, using his last bit of vitality to swing his mighty sword. Determined, he summoned the rest of his strength to wrench it free o the earth, but it proved to be too much. He was spent. Kaz collapsed, his sword making a dull thud as it landed on the ground. Lucian muttered incoherent sentences.
"Food...blood, food, blood blood, BLOOD." Lucian opened and closed his mouth several times, stumbling around, resembling a drunkard. Suddenly, a sharp burst of pain exploded in his mind, bringing him to his knees, his hands gripping his head. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING screamed this mysterious force from within, EAT ALREADY, ALREADY, ALREADY EAT, BLOOD, FOOD, NEED, EAT!.
"But..they..defenseless" whispered Lucian, managing to spit out a coherent sentence. Images of Kaz gallantly mustering up strength to defend his comrade at no concern of his own being flashed through his head, using strength he didn't have to protect the green clothed traveler. DON'T....NOT..YOUR CONCERN. FEED!" screamed back the voice, forcing Lucian to his hands and knees. He looked over at the fallen bodies around him.
"It would be too easy.." mumbled Lucian. He had a moment of clarity, his dark brooding eyes returning to their normal brightness, if just for a second. Ignoring every fiber of his being, he stood. He slung the two strangers over his shoulders. Fighting on tired, weary, defenseless foes would make him no better than the most mindless null. Glancing up at the moon, he ran towards the great vampire city of Malakir.
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Default 02-02-2010, 03:40 PM
Is anyone reading this? ._. Should I keep going?
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Default 02-02-2010, 03:48 PM
intriguing/well written book but i dont think there's alot of readers
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Default 02-02-2010, 04:58 PM
me neither :[
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Writer Of The YearGreeter Of The Year
Default 02-03-2010, 05:13 AM
lol don't you worry , the only stories that are read alot are the ones of Suinia/silentpredator, and here in the literature section, we're all egocentric bastards who only read their own stories

but no, your story is good, but the Literature section isnt visited by alot of ppls
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Default 02-03-2010, 05:49 AM
Oh, I see! Thanks haha. Well I guess I'll just keep writing for my own enjoyment.
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Default 02-03-2010, 10:25 AM
I like what you have so far, it's pretty interesting.

And don't worry about people reading it or not, just enjoy writing it. What I think when no-one comments is that they are wither too lazy or my piece of writing is not good enough and hence needs to be improved ^_^
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Writer Of The YearGreeter Of The Year
Default 02-03-2010, 12:03 PM
even if your story sucks balls (which it doesnt ) and noone comments, just tell urself that it's bcoz they are too lazy and keep on writing, bcoz one day, it might get good
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Default 02-07-2010, 08:17 PM
That's different then how it used to be :[ My other story, Story of terror, got constant positive replies, haha.

Lucian pushed in the door of his home, dropping his load onto a small futon-like bed in the corner. The abode was dim, made of rotting wood and cold hard stone. It was humble though. A lone desk was placed against the wall, with various sketches and portraits strewn about it. A stove stood on the opposite wall, frankly peculiar. Vampires do not cook. Lucian stretched for a bit, and started to inspect Kaz's wound. It was good, the bleeding had stopped, there was no yellow oozing pus, a sign of infection. He had wrapped it several times in black gauze, and packed dirt into it to mask the smell, though he still got the odd glance on his way home. Re-wrapping the gash, he sighed. Why is it always me... Lucian thought, standing up. A dizzy spell hit him, causing him to reach for his desk chair behind him, but it was just a moment too late. Darkness overcame him, his knees hit the floor with a dull thud, followed by the rest of his body.

Kaz's eyes opened slightly. Everything was blurry, it was as if he was looking at the world through crystal, objects appeared distorted and in every which direction. A sharp stinging pain shot through the confusion, focused on his right leg.
"Ah, god damn!" said Kaz, swinging his legs off of the bed. Blinking a few times, he surveyed the environment around him. Bland gray walls surrounded him, creaking rotting wooden floors filled in the area under him. Things were so...nothing. Down to his left was Ami, sleeping peacefully, looking calm and innocent. The single off-white pillow was being gripped tightly by her, pulled to her chest. Silence filled the air.
"Ami, you gotta wake up..." whispered Kaz, gently nudging her on the shoulder. Ami responded by swatting his hand and throwing the pillow at him. Kaz dodged the once harmless projectile and patted her on the shoulder, this time a bit harder. Ami turned onto her back, leaving Kaz to pat...a much more awkward place. Kaz was in shock, his hand was frozen in fear of what was about to come. Despite this, he couldn't help thinking, Ami opened her eyes.
"KAZ YOU PERV, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!" screamed Ami, pulling the blanket up above her chest, slapping Kaz across the face. A huge red welt was left after he was sent flying off of the bed and onto the floor. "How could you even think of doing such a thing, I thought you had more respect than that! How stupid do you think I am! I should really beat you! Get thee to a nunnery! Why would you want to be a breeder of..." Kaz felt the cool feel of the floor below him. Looking around, he eventually spotted a figure just a bit further than where he was.Kaz held a finger up to Ami's lips.
"Look" was all he said, sitting up. Ami peered around the corner, spying Lucian unconscious, passed out on the floor. As fast as a raging bull, and certainly as aggressive, Kaz sped across the small dwelling, his left leg taking most of the weight to account for the weakness in the other. As he got closer to the defenseless being, his right leg raised a bit, as if he were preparing to score a soccer goal. Eyes behind him opened wide, and her mouth opened to deliver a warning until a loud knock came on the door. Kaz stumbled as he tried to regain his balance, Lucian's head being spared just in time.
"Lucian?" said the voice from the other side of the door, gently. "What was the disturbance?" The knocks became louder and louder, more frequent, more urgent. Ami and Kaz panicked, looking at each other, then at the fallen body in the corner.

The door opened slowly, just enough for the figure outside to see Lucian. Standing, his face was deeply enveloped in the shadow of his hood, his hands stayed at his side.
"This is never going to work" muttered Ami, struggling to grip Lucian's legs. She had knelt down onto the ground, and was attempting to keep his feet steady, while Kaz held him up by his armpits. Kaz's eyes peered through a little hole in the door, probably caused by years of wear and tear. He saw something majestic and heavenly, a stark contrast to the dark environment around her. Beauty radiated from her, but so did subtle undertones of malice. An almost jester looking hat sat upon her head, strings of all shapes and sizes hung from the ends. Elegant gloves shielded slender dainty hands, her strapless graceful dress looked as if it were made just for her. Everything fit perfectly, the gown coming up to barely cover her breasts, leaving her stomach exposed. The shaman put her hands on her hips. Moonlight shone on her young attractive face, revealing an intrigued, almost worried look.
"Lucian." she said softly, her voice pure and beaming, "what is the cause of this perturbation?" Kaz heard a slight growl, becoming a snarl.
"Oh these nulls, getting more difficult with every passing day..." she exclaimed, turning around. Nulls? thought Kaz, his mind actively searching for when he had last heard that word. An image of a history textbook page appeared in his head, flipping to a certain black-laden page. Each of Malakir's great family's boasts a contingent of nulls appropriate to it's rank in society. His mind snapped back to reality as she moved in closer.
"Lucian, you're not speaking, though you rarely do. Is anything the matter?" She moved in even closer, forcing Kaz to pull Lucian's body back a bit. His left arm gripped Lucian's waist as the other one went behind his head, shaking it slightly from side to side.
"Oh...okay. Well, I'll see you later. Mum wants me to try tapping into the Eye of Ugin, to see if this drought will ever end. Bye." She waved and turned around, small footsteps being heard. Kaz could make out the figure of a null following behind her, a twisted abomination of what it once was. The door slammed shut, mostly owing to the green boot that kicked it. Lucian was dropped onto the floor, to which Ami scolded Kaz.
"He brought us to his house! Instead of eating us! He might have just saved our lives from some random crocodile, or another of those damn traps!" said Ami sternly, pointing her finger at Kaz as you would chastising a five-year old. Kaz shrugged and accepted it, he wasn't one to argue. Stooping down, he turned Lucian over, lifting his eye-lids with his finger.
"They're pitch black... means he's starving." said Kaz, brow furrowed. He didn't know what to do. Slice was the sound that happened shortly after.
"What are you doing!" said Kaz, jumping back. Blood dripped onto the floor from Ami's palm, her scimitar looking weapon in the other hand.
"Get me a cup or something" ordered Ami, wincing a bit. Kaz found an old wooded mug on the desk, worn, but it would do. Ami squeezed her hand, forcing more blood to flow into the goblet. The scimitar flew towards Kaz.
"Your turn." said Ami, not giving Kaz a chance to retort. He reluctantly sliced open his hand, and joined in filling the goblet. Ami knelt down next to Lucian, and pushed him up to a sitting position with one hand, putting the cup to his lips with the other. She lifted the mug, pouring the crimson blood into his mouth as Kaz shook his hand in the background, searching around for a bandage of some sort. Lucian started to stir, his hands twitched and moved, they eventually grasped the chalice, pouring more of the nourishing substance down his throat. He wiped his lips, licked the excess blood off of his fingers...and opened his eyes. They were a dim yellow.
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