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Oreo Monster
Default December 15, 2010: Happy Holidays in Madrigal & Patch Notes - 12-15-2010, 10:19 AM

Happy Holidays Flyffers,

10 days till Christmas so it's now or never to get the spirit of the season going on in Madrigal (though you can be sure we've still got some stuff up our sleeves come next week )

We've got two special events headed your way:

The Naughty or Nice Event

You'll notice a beautiful young lady named Ruby hanging out in the middle of Flaris. Talk to her and you'll find out that she's none other than Santa's special little helper! While Santa isn't quite ready to deliver presents to the good boys and girls of Madrigal, Ruby is here to make a list of those who have been naughty or nice.

So what exactly does she want? Well, you'll soon learn from her that some evil Masquerpets level 15 or above have been going around stealing the Christmas Spirit She want's you to collect them back! Slay monsters and collect 25 Christmas Spirit, and you'll be handsomely rewarded with *drummer boy drum roll* - a Christmas Token. It doesn't do anything? What a cruddy reward for restoring the Christmas Spirit? Well, the more tokens you have collected, the more you'll be on Santa's nice list, and the less you have...well let's just say that you shouldn't be surprised to find some coal in your stockings this Christmas...

And yes, it's an event to be continued in the coming weeks

The Melted Snow Daddy

:/sad: Due to some technical difficulties with this event, it will unfortunately be postponed to next week

Oh noes! There's a frantic little snowboy by the name of Danny the Snowboy requesting some help in Flaris. It appears this fine young man's daddy snowman was out collecting some things in the collecting fields. Unfortunately, the poor guy melted away and all his body parts are now hidden in those neon glowing fields. Lend a helping hand and do your best to collect up all the parts: 1 Top Hat, 2 Coal Eyes, 1 Carrot Nose, 2 Snowballs, and 1 set of Mittens. Turn all these magical parts to Danny the Snowboy to not only revive his dad, but to also be rewarded with your very own Buff Pet Snowman (named Jimbo the Snowman)! It's a sign of goodwill, and who could refuse such a desperate plea by such a young snowman!

Once again Flyffers, there's more to come as we get closer and closer to Christmas Regardless, have fun grinding for Alchemy, have a blast bringing back the Christmas Spirit, and feel good about yourself as you help a digitized snowman reunite with his daddy! Good things come to those who are good this season, so make a good showing, and don't forget to enjoy your stay in Madrigal while you're at it!

Patch Notes:
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Psykeeper Of The YearRanger Of The Year
Default 12-15-2010, 03:59 PM
Does anyone have a list of what items you can get from that token event? I'm curious. D:
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Oreo Monster
Default 12-15-2010, 05:06 PM
Looks like an HP restoration item and some potential raffle thing? Since the forum thread on the event just implies people should collect them? |:
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