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I'm Watching You
Default Wiki Tutorials - 06-16-2009, 06:11 PM

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Copying Images Over From FlyffWorld Into The Wiki

Just copy the url of the image and paste it into the wiki. The URL must have (http://www.) or it won't show. For example if it's, it won't work.

Uploading Images
Before uploading images, make sure you loook through the guides section and to see if there's already an image there. Also, please use the search function and type in the image you would like to upload. For example, if you wished to upload an image of a "Gore Necklace," type in the keyword "Gore," and see if there is already an image file with this name.

If you can't find one, go ahead and upload one. The single file uploader is located here, and the multiple file uploader is located here.

We are trying to keep our images tidy; please upload transparent .GIF files of FlyFF Icons when possible. If you need help, do not hesitate to post in the forums!

Making a New Page
Simply create a new page by typing[NewPageTitle] into the URL bar, replacing [NewPageTitle] with the name of the page you'd like to make. After you made the page, visit for the templates.

For right now, HTML and CSS works on the wiki. A lot of codes work...javascript won't and php though...pretty obvious why. If you do do, mark ups, just go with wiki. Like '''bold''' instead <strong>bold</strong>

Use Of Templates

If you edit certain pages on the flyff wiki, you're gonna see some strange markups that doesn't look like the rest of the wiki. For example


|INFO= Just located outside the gates of Flaris, the Aibat race is the first ever opponents young Vagrants encounted. Be wary, it has been rumored that they are actually toys of the devil himself.

|1_NAME= Small Aibatt
|1_LVL= 1
|1_HP= 1
|1_EXP= 1

|2_NAME= Aibatt
|2_LVL= 1
|2_HP= 1
|2_EXP= 1

|3_NAME= Captain Aibatt
|3_LVL= 1
|3_HP= 1
|3_EXP= 1

|4_NAME= Giant Aibatt
|4_LVL= 1
|4_HP= 1
|4_EXP= 1
You have to enter information after the = sign. Each of thoes |1_Name= etc will output what you put after it. As long as |1_Name exist it will show up what info you put. O_O hard for me to explain. But check out the example page...

Linking to other pages

When you link to other pages, it should be like this [[Flaris]] All items, cashop, monsters, npc, towns etc should link like that.

However, if on the side menu I used namespaces which is something like this. Monsters:Level_91-100 If you put [[Monster:Level_91-100]] will send you the page but it will out a text like this "Monster:Level_91-100" To get it to link with a certain phrase use this [[Monster:Level_91-100|Monsters Level 91 - 100]] I added a | line there. They call pages that are using stuff like this Monsters:Level_91-100 "namespaces"

I use them on a bunch of sections on the site.

Use the navigation menu to find the exact link if you are linking somewhere. But again, all items, npc, monsters, cash shop items, skills etc should not be put into namespaces.

It's About Looking Good Too

Some of you guys might have noticed by now, but I designed the wiki to match the fw layout. I also made the look "good". Most wiki's out there are very generic.

I want to keep FW's wiki looking good. Don't put a freaking 500px image and align it to the left that makes text wrap around with 2 words per line.

Don't add images that are really crappy looking and huge O_O. Cut it up in photoshop give it a nice rounded corners or something. As you can tell fw loves them rounded corners. Look at the monster pages for example...everything is rounded corners.

Make the wiki look good too as well as informational. That is what will set us apart from the official wiki.

Taking High Quality Pictures

The important thing which we want to focus on for the Wiki is to get HQ images. Here are some tips and tricks on how! :] .. Unfortunately, not everyone will have the graphic card capabilities to do this, however, if you have some sets you'd like to help model, do not be shy to post somewhere in the Wiki Forum and mention it! I'm sure some people would be more than willing to take a picture/video of you :3

Originally Posted by pohser View Post
Err, I turned anti-aliasing on in my graphic card settings. <3 anti-aliasing.
To get characters to fill my screen all the way up and at a good angle, I use one of two methods: either I use scroll lock once, and position the character I'm screening slightly above me on a hill, or I use scroll lock twice and have the character on flat ground. The second method is easier, since flat ground is much easier to find than a slope with the right incline, but it causes a lot of graphic glitches that you don't see normally.
I also turn the character I'm screening due north or south (facing north is the best for lighting, but I seem to be having problems finding hills facing the right way), and wait until 11:00 am in game time before taking screenshots, and stop shooting as soon as I notice the light changing. But I may just be weird to worry so much about the lighting, it seems most people don't even notice it eheh.
Long story short: anti aliasing and scroll lock 8D;;;

If you update

Post a new thread and tell us what you did. If it's just some minor edit like deleting a line probably don't need to tell anyone. But if you fix an error IMO it's worth starting a thread about. Get your respect man...let people know you fixing up the wiki and stuff. Most people don't check recent changes to who did what...etc.
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Yoruichi Of The Year
Default 06-17-2009, 07:22 AM
For reference:
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I'm Watching You
Default 11-18-2009, 09:24 AM
Alright today I will teach how to use Headings to use in the wiki to make things more organized. In the html world headings are denoted by the use of <h1>xxx</h1> - <h5>xxx</h5>. H1 is the biggest Heading. XXX being the title you would give the heading.

In the wiki world heading is denoted by equal = bars

= H1 =
== H2 ==
=== H3 ===
==== H4 ====
===== H5 =====
The most common used one is H2. And then we work our way down when separing pages for the Table of Contents that is automatically generated on each wiki page. Separated content using Headings make your pages easier to read and easier for your users to find the specific content they are looking for in that page.
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Default 11-09-2010, 10:29 PM
Thank you very much
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