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Default 02-19-2010, 09:50 PM
Originally Posted by LadySubaru View Post
where are these pages youre all editing located, and how can i help?
All these pages to edit are available on our Wiki. Pohser is working on the weapons area~
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Flyer Of The SeasonWiki Contributor
Default 02-20-2010, 01:56 PM
For anyone that wants to help, the list of stuff that needs to be done is.. pretty much the list of ways to help n//n;

The easiest thing to jump in and edit, would probably the the Upgrade Tables.

The next would be fixing format inconsistencies. Come to think of it though, that would probably be a little tricky for anyone not used to the previous templates/current template. So!
Most of the pages are missing this bit of code.

It belongs in the == Weapon Name Stats == section, right after </center>
About half the pages that do have that code, have === Weapon Name Info === between it and </center> - that should be deleted.

Some of the pages have tables with green lines on them in the == Weapon Name Stats == section. The code on those looks something like this:

And should be replaced with this:

Looking at it, it seems most of these pages have the levels listed like Lvl. 40. The Lvl. should be deleted, leaving only the number.

Most of the obtained from sections are blank. They should be filled in somewhat like this

That's most of the big formatting inconsistencies that I can think of atm. I hope it's not too confusing :x
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