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Default Fanfiction Sequal: Howls of the Leyana (Character Overview) - 01-18-2012, 01:13 PM
Before starting this story, I'm going to post the character overview:

Nelve Karoth: "...Show me the way..." A famous Mentalist Hero, known for his actions 4 years previous, this 23-year old Adventurer from Shaduwar has been taking a break from his adventuring life for a while, but, soon, when news of a spirit searching for him reaches his ears, he knew it had to be only one individual...his dead younger sister.

'Maya'/Sindi Krea: "...Wake me up inside..." A former Mia who now searches for her identity. Formerly named 'Maya' in honor of Nelve's dead sister, she soon discovered her own real name. Now an Assist of considerable skill, she accompanies Nelve on his quest, in hopes to find the secrets of her own past.

Maya Karoth: "...if it's worth saving me..." The dead younger sister of Nelve Karoth, Maya had been haunting the continent of Saint Morning, until her older brother defeated the Mia Demon 4 years ago, when the Mia's Spirit, in addition to Maya's were both released. Now, having returned and trying to find her older brother, the spirit of Maya wants to convey a message to him: there may be a way for her to return...

Leana Renolt: "...Live to win..." A long-time companion of Nelve Karoth, Leana is a skilled Seraph and is well-known as the healer of Nelve's party. When she discovered her friend was going on a quest to possibly bring his sister back, she decided to accompany him, to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.

Dereth Trestari: "...When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done..." An ex-Mia Hunter, a Slayer, and Nelve's trusted swordsman, Dereth's dreams are still haunted by his past mis-deeds, despite his role in Nelve's victory 4 years ago. When he hears the possibility to revive Nelve's sister, he hopes that maybe, just maybe, helping Nelve with this will finally put those nightmares to rest.

Vollin Vanang: "...Across this new divide..." A powerfully skilled Crackshooter, Vollin met Nelve and his team 4 years ago, and has since been a big part of the team. However, as of late, she's been feeling an unusual attraction to Nelve. She doesn't know if she can admit these feelings towards him, so she goes with him on his quest, hoping to find the courage to tell him along the way.

Ariana Vanang: "...Can you see all of me..." The younger sister of Vollin Vanang, Ariana was turned into a Mia years ago, but, 4 years ago, was rescued by Vollin, with the aid of Nelve's party. Now Ariana, after recieving her parents' blessing, decided to follow in her older sister's footsteps, and plans to take the path of the Acrobat. However, she feels like she's in her sister's shadow, always to be compared to her. Now, she goes with Nelve on his quest, in the hope of making a name for herself.

Rogue: "Through the fire and the flames we carry on..." This Wheelem was originally tied to the Mia Demon, Miasgigas. When the Demon was destroyed by Nelve's team 4 years ago, Shade's control over this Masquerpet, as well as many others, was broken. Now, a Rogue, this Wheelem wanders the Garden of Rhisis, holding in its head the secrets that could lead to the revival of Maya Karoth...

Scriffer: "...Shelter me, Lord, underneath your wings..." A Leyena, Scriffer was, like Rogue, released from Shade's control by the death of Shade's Agent, the Mia Demon Miasgigas. Now, on the run from his fellow Leyena, he is also now hunted by Nelve and his group. However, it is Scriffer's help Nelve needs, as, according to Rogue, he is connected to bring Maya Karoth back to life...

Fareoth: "...It's been a long time coming..." A Former Mia Hunter and former companion of Dereth, this vengeful Slayer holds a grudge against Nelve and his team for what they did to him 4 years previous. Now under the employ of Shade, this corrupted fighter now wishes for only one thing: revenge.

Violet Magician Troupe: "...It's a little different now..." The agents of Shade and her dark cause, the Violet Magicians are scattered across Madrigal, trying to bring Shade's Will to reality. The destruction of the Mia Curse 4 years ago was a set-back, but has not stopped their plans for Madrigal...

Shade: "...the Monster's loose..." The Dark Force behind all the chaos in Madrigal, Shade was made from the rage and fear of Rhisis. This Dark Force seeks to destroy humanity in Madrigal and Roika both, and only Nelve and his team stands in her way...

Rhisis: "...One of us is going down..." The force that controls both Madrigal and Roika, and the one from which Shade spawned. Not wanting her creation to destroy the world she had taken care of for so long, Rhisis secretly works in the world to try to contact heroes that could possibly fight Shade's dark forces. Having found the hero, she raises a spirit, instructs it on how to return, and sends her hopes that the spirit's brother will find her, and help...

So, this sort of serves as the prologue of the story. Hope you guys look forward to when the story starts...

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Default Prologue - 01-22-2012, 10:47 PM
7 years ago... 3 years before Secrets of the Mia
Nelve Karoth kept running as the Mia ahead tried to escape. At this point in his life, he was still a Magician. He'd traveled south from his homeland to track down his missing sister, who'd been kidnapped a few years ago. Rumors led him here, and, after searching the local Mia populations, discovered his sister among them. Now, he was chasing her down. Even in her new, cursed state, he was going to try to make certain nothing happened to her.

Suddenly, he heard a squeal, and running around the corner, he saw his cursed sister...being attacked by a Blade. Nelve tried to fire a Mental Attack at the figure, but the Blade ignored it...and plunged his swords into the Mia. In his rage, Nelve fired off several attacks, and the Blade finally left, but the damage was done. Nelve's sister was dead. Nelve knelt down next to the body of his sister and sobbed. He wasn't fast enough or powerful enough to stop that Blade from killing her.

He then randomly fired a Mental Blast, which he saw stun another Mia. He looked at that Mia, then the slaughtered remains of his sister, before realizing, "There HAS to be some way to end this." With this thought, he took the unconscious Mia, restrained it, and ran off into the wilderness. He had to find some way to try and put a stop to all of this. He had to find some way to reverse this curse.

5.5 years ago... 1.5 years before Secrets of the Mia
Nelve, now a Psykeeper, and the Mia from 1 and a half years ago, were in Darkon. Because of the grief caused by his sister's death, he named the Mia after her. The Mia, now called 'Maya', was essential for finding out more about the Mia Curse. He had managed to figure out the curse actually has to do with those dolls the Mia carry with them. The Mia also tend to have a single item with them that is unique, maybe something from their past lives. For example, on his sister's body, Nelve had found a necklace she had. This young girl had a small, old, now unidentifiable trinket.

Suddenly, Nelve heard commotion near the old mines. When he arrived, he saw a young Assist, being menaced by a Giant Elderguard. Try as she might, the Assist could not get away. Realizing she might die if he didn't help. Nelve snuck around the outside of the battlezone, until the Giant Elderguard was in between him and the Assist, before launching a new technique he'd been wanting to try. Pouring all his power into the attack, he launched a Spirit Bomb at the Giant Elder guard. The attack caused some damage, but not enough to kill it. When it got close, however, he pulled out his staff and jammed it in one of the Elderguard's servos, jamming it. Using the distraction to his advantage, he recharged with a Refresher and fired one more Spirit Bomb. Now completely crippled, the Giant Elderguard collapsed.

Seeing her savior, the Assist ran up to Nelve and said, "Thanks, things were getting a little dire back there. My name's Leana Renolt."

"Mine's Nelve Karoth, and this is a friend of mine, Maya," Nelve responded, gesturing first to himself, then to the Mia.

"Well, thanks for the help there. I could have died were it not for your arrival."

"You're welcome. Now, I have somewhere where I need to be so..." He turned away, but suddenly, he remembered. His experiment on Maya was initially successful, but he remembered something occured during the testing: something an Assist could help avoid. "Actually," he said, turning back to her, "I may have need of your abilities. Would you mind coming with me?"

Leana seemed to think about it for quite a bit, before responding, "I have something I need to do, I promised someone in Darken I'd obtain some..."

"Whatever, would you be able to accompany me afterwards if I help you here?"

Leana smiled at the suggestion. "...Sure, why not?"

"Well, let's get going, what were you looking for again..."

5 years ago... 1 year before Secrets of the Mia
Nelve was in Saint Morning with Leana and Maya. In the past 6 months, Leana had been briefed on Nelve's experiments, but didn't seem too bothered by what he told her, mainly because, afterwards, she allowed him to instruct her on her part of the experiment. Today, however, wasn't a good day for them.

Recently, the group was discovered by the Violet Magician Troupe, their lab in Saint Morning compromised. Now, they were trying to work their way away from the Violet Magicians, but they were driving them south. They knew they were being herded into a trap. Unfortunately, they couldn't avoid it. "This is stupid!" Leana exclaimed, "We keep going, we'll fall right into their trap!"

"I know, but we don't have the power to take on THAT many of those things!"

They were forced to continue...and right into the Violet Magician trap they saw coming. The Magicians came in close...and with the flash of a pair of Carnage Swords, a hole was cut in their lines. A Blade in Darkbin armor appeared and started cutting into the Magicians. He took a quick glance at the group...then his eyes saw Maya.

He paused for a split second, before shouting to the group, "Get out of here! I'll handle these things!"

Nelve then grabbed Leana's and Maya's arms and pulled them through the gap in the Magician lines. They then spotted the leader of the pack: an oversized Magician. This one didn't seem ready to let them by. Suddenly, a pair of the Magicians from the pack went flying, and, like a tornado of metal, the Blade rushed out, and, seeing the party's new predicament, rushed the Magician Leader. The massive Magician attacked him, but he quickly moved and slashed at the Magician. The Pack Leader tried to attack, but, soon, the Blade overwhelmed it, causing the Magician to crash to the ground.

"Come on!" Nelve shouted to the Blade, and the group made their way East, out of Violet Magician Territory. "Everyone here?" Nelve asked.

"I'm here," Leana replied. Maya replied with a squeak.

Nelve looked over to the Blade, and said, "...Thanks."

The Blade sighed. "No problem."

Nelve held out his hand to the Blade and said, "Name's Nelve Karoth, this is Leana Renolt and 'Maya'."

The Blade looked at him a moment, before shaking Nelve's hand and responding, "Dereth Trestari." Dereth then looked at Maya. "You have a Mia with you? Why?"

"I've been...experimenting, with techniques that could hopefully remove the curse on the Mias. That's why we were in so much trouble with the Violet Magicians...Say, we could use a guardian, you interested?"

Dereth seemed surprised by the offer. "Me? Are you sure?"

Nelve answered, "You sure got us out of that fiasco."

"I'm not so sure..."

Leana asked, "Why not?"

Dereth then hung his head... "I used to be a Mia Killer..."

"'Used to be' being the realitive term, I take it? Well, if you think you could hold back any urges, you're welcome to join us."

"Urges?! I want to have my past wiped clean of what I've done! I'll join you."

Present Day... 4 years after Secrets of the Mia
Rhisis had watched the party of heroes over the past 7 years, ever since Nelve Karoth's sister was killed by Fareoth. She had watched as Nelve befriended the Mia, saved Leana Renolt, accepted Dereth Trestari's plea for redemption, promised Vollin Vanang her sister's freedom, curing Vollin's sister Ariana, and, ultimately, releasing the spirit of the tormented, demonized Mia. Since, she'd watched as the hero rose in power, defeating many menaces to the humans and other sentient life of Madrigal. She had observed his reactions to people, promising to help find their lost children, aiding them in curing them, reuniting families, and even bringing hope to those that lost all theirs. She decided that now was the time to name her Champion, the one who would lead the forces of Madrigal against the forces of Shade.

She summoned forth a spirit, one she'd been watching for 4 years...ever since it had been released from Shade's control by the death of the Mia Demon.

"Where am I? Who are you?" the spirit of the young girl asked, a little frightened.

"I've summoned you back to have you aid your brother."

"He's alive?"

"Yes, and, all this time, he hasn't forgotten you. In fact, every good deed he's done was in rememberence of you. However, even now I sense his misery over your absense growing. I believe it is time that it was gone. I'm about to tell you something, something you must convey to him. Then, make certain he succeeds."

Rhisis whispered to the spirit, who responded, "So, this will bring me back to life?"

"And ease your brother's suffering. He'll need you in the days to come, and you'll be of more use alive."

"So, where will I find him?"

"Head to Saint Morning. Find the residence of the Vanangs. He's staying there. Tell him that, if this is done right, more than one innocent can be brought back." With that, the spirit left. "Go now, and good luck, Maya Karoth."

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Default Chapter 1: New Found Hope - 01-23-2012, 09:42 PM
Nelve, now a Mentalist, bartered with a merchant near the house of his friend Vollin. He and his former team have been staying at their teammate's residence, mainly because they'd either been rejected themselves or no longer wished to be apart from the others of the team.

For Nelve, it was a little of both. The community he lived in wasn't fond of Psykeepers, so, although his family showed him no animosity, he was still forced to leave. It wasn't long afterwards that his sister was kidnapped.

He tried to push the thought away, it was still too painful for him. However, as of late, the painful memories kept coming back. That was part of the reason he had taken a break from adventuring, because his memories kept him from concentrating.

"Say, Nelve, you alright?" It was Vollin. Nelve had noticed that Vollin had been getting a little skittish around him, in addition to a little concerned for him.

"I'm fine, really," Nelve responded, "I was just...on my way back home." Without another word, he made his way back to the house, already regretting leaving Vollin behind. He felt her presense comforting recently, mainly because of her concern for him, but at the same time, he felt a little uneasy when around other people. Not understanding, he just went back to the Vanang residence.
Vollin found Dereth and Leana in the town square. They appeared to be chatting. Vollin knew quite a bit about the two. Dereth used to be a Mia hunter, much like Fareoth, the Slayer that almost killed Ariana 4 years ago. However, after killing a Mia that he recognized as a lost child from Saint Morning, he was filled with remorse and fled society, only to try to redeem himself by joining Nelve's party. Leana, on the other hand, Vollin knew less about, other than the fact that Nelve saved her from an Elderguard in Darkon. She doesn't even know how Leana got there in the first place. However, she did manage to get out that she was just doing something from the Darkon Quest Office, so she didn't press the issue further.

Nearby, she could see her sister Ariana and the enigmatic 'Maya'. Ever since they defeated the Mia Demon, Maya's been having visions. The others think she's some sort of future-seer, but Nelve and Vollin believe it to be something else: Flashbacks. Maya had no actual recollection of anything from her past, other then how long ago she was turned into a Mia. Even her own real name was a mystery to her. Therefore, it would be smart to assume these 'visions' were in fact visions of her own past. Never-the-less, she was a nice person, and a particularly useful fighter. Even without her Mia Powers, she still comes in handy in a fight, especially since she's following Leana's path as an Assist, and is no-less a highly gifted one.

Ariana, Vollin's own sister, was also a good fighter. Like Maya, she was turned into a Mia, but, thanks to Nelve and his group, Vollin was able to rescue her only a few years later, allowing her to retain her memories. Ariana, when given the choice, decided to follow Vollin's path: starting out as an Acrobat, specializing with a Bow. Vollin smiled at remembering how effective Ariana is with a Bow: reminded Vollin of herself when she was younger.

Vollin, herself, was originally shunned by her family, due to her choice to become an adventurer. Her father later blamed her for her sister's disappearance. In reality, Vollin was as shaken as the rest of her family, only her position as an adventurer allowed her to do something about it. In fact, her search for her sister Ariana was what had originally brought her to Nelve. With the help of a Harlequin friend she'd made, she pretty much had the whole of western Madrigal wired, which, in hindsight, was probably why they didn't find Ariana until a few years later. Through this network, she had discovered news about Nelve's activities in Darkon and was able to locate him and his team before they could be slaughtered by an army of Violet Magicians. Thanks to her agreement to aid them, they kept their end of the bargain and helped her find Ariana and attempt to cure her. After that, both Vollin and Ariana stuck with the team, and they're still together to this day.

Nelve, the 2nd most enigmatic of the group, was the one who started all of this. Ever since his sister was killed by Fareoth over 7 years ago, he'd been trying to find a way to end the curse, so that no one else would have to know his pain. In the 3 years after the event, he'd gathered 'Maya', his first test subject; Leana, his Assist assistant; and Dereth, their bodyguard. He was being hunted by the Violet Magicians when she found them. Vollin liked to think that it was her that helped finish this, being the one to have informed Nelve that the Violet Magicians weren't expecting him in Flaris, despites his fears they were. By the end of the event, Vollin thought he came to terms with his sister's death. Apparently, she was wrong.

Suddenly, through her thoughts, she could hear Ariana shout, "Maya? Maya, are you ok?"

Snapped out of her thoughts, Vollin looked over and saw Maya fall to the ground, disoriented. She was having another Flashback. As if he sensed the event, Nelve suddenly appeared on the scene. "Hey, hey! Are you alright?"

Maya was disoriented, a usual side-effect of her visions. In this one, all she could see was a white light, and someone shouting, "Sindi Krea!" Once the disorientation wore off, she could then see Nelve standing over her.

"Hey, are you alright? Was it another vision?"

"I...I think it was..."

"What was it?"

"Just a white light. I heard something, sounded like...Sindi...but what...wait..." The former Mia began to think.

Nelve looked worried. "What is it?"

"I...I remember...Sindi...that was my real real name was Sindi Krea..."
It was quite a day, Vollin thought. Not much happened, but the main event was pretty big. 'Maya'...or Sindi, which everyone now calls her, finally discovered her true name. However, although Nelve was happy for Sindi, Vollin noticed that he seemed a little more depressed. Vollin realized that Sindi, being the Mia he crissened with his sister's name, was the last link to his past he had, a link that it seemed like was now severed. Vollin wasn't sure what he was going to do about it, but hoped that she could help in the morning. Now, though, it was late at night, and she was tired. So, she went to bed, hoping that tomorrow won't be too exciting. They've had enough excitement already to last a lifetime.
Nelve was desperately trying to sleep, but to no avail. All his thoughts just kept returning to his sister. He thought he had finally made peace with the fact his sister was gone, but, over the past few years, the pain of her death had returned and intensified. As of late, he'd barely been able to sleep because of it. Now was one of those times. He got up and decided to walk around, hoping that he'd probably be able to get his mind off of it.

It didn't work. As he returned to his room, he still couldn't bring himself to go to sleep. However, soon, something else got his attention: a glowing green light. He got up, and, seeing the light was in the living room, he went that way.

As Nelve got up to investigate, Volin apparently got disturbed, seeing as she woke up. "Hmmm? Wha..." She then saw Nelve slowly make his way into the living room. She got the others up and they followed Nelve. Nelve followed the light from the living room to out in front of the house. When Nelve exited the door, the group heard the voice of a little girl say, "Nelve, you're here..."

The group then saw the look on Nelve's face change to a mixture of shock, confusion, and extreme joy. The group looked out and could see the glowing figure of a young girl...that bore some resemblence to Nelve. It didn't take them long to realize who it was. "Maya..." Nelve saw, "Is that you? I mean...really you?"

The spirit responded, "Yes, it is." The spirit of Nelve's younger sister just hovered there, innocently.

"I...I never thought I'd see you again...but why are you here? I would have thought you'd passed on."

Maya Karoth's spirit looked a little nervous. "I'm here because I was told to tell you...that there is a way for you to bring me back. To life, I mean."

Nelve looked in shock: a way for him to bring his beloved sister back to the living? It seemed too good to be true. He looked around, as if trying to catch a trap, but the only ones he saw were himself, Maya, and his own friends, trying in vain to watch from the house without being seen. He made a motion to the others that told them that he knew they were there. therefore, they eased out.

They all looked curiously at the spirit, Sindi more than the others. ''So, this is the girl whose name I used for 6 years..." she thought to herself.

Maya then said quickly, "Head to the Garden of Rhisis, find the green Wheelem, it is no longer controlled by Shade, and will point you in the right direction. Please, do this, I do want to be back." She then turned to Nelve, "I heard about what you've been doing. You really are a great brother. The reason why the one who told me to tell you this did so is because she didn't want to see you suffer my absense anymore. and, now, neither do I." She then continued talking to Nelve, but seemed to be hinting something to Dereth, to the latter's confusion. "One more message from this individual: If this is done right, more than just my life can be brought back. Good luck, Nelve, I hope to see you again..." With that, Maya's spirit faded.

Nelve just stood silently for a moment. Vollin approached. "Nelve? Are you alright?" Nelve shook his head back to reality, before starting to walk off. "Where are you going?!" Vollin asked, suddenly worried.

"You heard her, I have to go to the Garden of Rhisis."

"Not now, it's night!" Vollin responded, "We'll go in the morning."

"You're coming?"

"I can't let you go alone, can I? It's not what a friend would do."

Leana knew that, if those 2 went alone, they could get into all kinds of trouble. "I might as well go, too. Who knows what you'll get yourselves into."

Dereth, for years, has been plagued with what happened years ago, with that girl he killed in cold blood. Suddenly, that's when the meaning behind Maya's comment shown through: 'If this is done right, more than just my life can be brought back.' Maybe... "I'm going, too. There's something I feel the need to do, now, and going with you may accomplish that."

Sindi really didn't want Nelve to leave her, but she wanted him to be able to have his sister back. Also, she knew that this adventure could lead to clues of her past, meaning, she could only find one course of action. "I'll go too."

Ariana then commented, "Don't forget about me!" Although she was good with a bow and knew her sister was proud, she felt that she was still overshadowed by Vollin's skill. She wanted to prove she was as good, if not better, and what better way to do so?

"Ok," Nelve said, "I'll leave in the morning, now, I guess we should go to bed." Once inside, Nelve found out that the visit from Maya was what he needed: he got to sleep quickly, and stayed sound asleep. It was the best sleep he'd had in almost 3 years...

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Dr. Slick
Debater Of The YearDrama Queen Of 2010
Default 01-24-2012, 06:28 AM
Every time you write you get a step better. Keep going! Don't give up!
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Default Chapter 2: A New Adventure - 02-01-2012, 09:59 PM
The next morning, Nelve and the others equipped themselves for their next adventure. Once Vollin was able to convince her parents she'd keep Ariana safe (much to Ariana's annoyance), they were off. Since there were no Garden of Rhisis Blinkwings, they were forced to utilize Flying Boards. While enroute, Sindi, who was riding with Nelve, because of her lack of a board, asked Nelve, "So...what kind of person was your sister?"

Nelve didn't need long to remember. "She was...really kind, also one of the few that seemed sad about me leaving," Nelve recalled. "When I was still home, she was the only other person that I seemed to get along with. However, she was unable to come when I was driven out. It wasn't long after that that she was..."

Sindi realized how much Nelve's sister meant to him, making her more determined to help him. One question she didn't know the answer to still bugged her. "By the way, where DID you come from anyways?"

Nelve looked around and saw the others heard Sindi ask that question, and seemed as curious about it as she was. Nelve never told anyone where he was from, but that's really because no one ever asked before. Nelve answered, "I'm from Shaduwar."
The team landed in the Garden of Rhisis, not far from the Wheelems. Their initial look saw no Green Wheelems, but Nelve was certain that they just didn't find it yet. After a few hours of searching, however, the group was forced to set up camp. Later that night..."Nelve?"

Nelve woke up, to see that the group was visited again by Maya's spirit. "Maya...what are you doing here?" Nelve asked.

Maya responded, "The individual that rose my spirit again noticed you couldn't find the Wheelem," as the others woke up.

"Yes, we tried, but it continues to elude us," Nelve responded, sadly. He wasn't giving up, Maya knew, he was just diappointed that this wouldn't take as little time as possible.

"Well, mainly, it could be because of your proximity to the Wheelems," she responded.

"Really?" Nelve asked, "What would that have to do with it?"

"Because..." Vollin realized, "It's a rogue, and these Wheelems..."

"...Are still Shade's, yes," Maya finished.

"So," Nelve said, "We're gonna have to search for the Wheelem somewhere OTHER than where the others are...actually, not as bad as it sounds...We'll keep looking. Don't worry, Maya, you'll be back in no time."

Maya's spirit smiled. "Thanks, Nelve. It's that kind of determination the person who brought me here was searching for..." Then, Maya faded.
The next day, the group continued their search. Spurred on by Maya's return visit, Nelve searched for the rogue Wheelem harder than the others did. As the team searched, however, they didn't notice they were being watched, until, suddenly, several Scorpicons and Basques appeared. The team quickly found themselves surrounded by the Masquerpets.

"What are we going to do? There's so many!" Sindi said.

"There's too many for us to fight," Dereth pointed out, "They'll easilly overwhelm us."

"I guess we've probably failed then. Well, I'm not giving up without a fight!" Nelve said, taking out his wand.

Just then, one of the Scorpicons leapt at the team, when, suddenly, like a green blur, something knocked it out of the air. When the speeding creature came to a halt, the team was surprised: it was a Wheelem, but between its claws were large swords, sprouting from the wood. And, its wood wasn't brown or grey like normal Wheelems, but a faded green. The team realized this was the Wheelem they were looking for. The Wheelem then looked at them and said, "Get out of here! Get to safety!"

"What about you?!" Nelve asked, "We came here looking for you, and if..."

"No time for worrying about that," the Wheelem said, "Let me clean this up, then we'll talk!"

Immediately, the Wheelem got to work fighting the army of Masquerpets, and it became clear quickly that this was a one-sided the Wheelem's favor. As the team ran for cover, they watched as the Wheelem sliced through the Masquerpets, slamming down a Scorpicon here, slashing through a Basque there. The Masquerpets could not handle the Wheelem's onslaught, and were soon forced to retreat.

When the Masquerpets had left, the team emerged and approached the Wheelem. The Wheelem then said, "It is you...the one who defeat Miasgigas, the Mia Demon."

Nelve was surprised by this. "How do you know?"

The Wheelem responded, "Until 4 years ago, my fate has been bound to that of Miasgigas."
"So, you are here, because the spirit of your dead sister directed you here?" the Wheelem asked.

"Yes, if there's any chance to make up for failing to protect her, I'll take it," Nelve responded.

The Wheelem seemed to think for a moment. Vollin then said, "Her spirit said to find you and you'll point the way. Do you know where we have to go?!"

This reaction seemed to startle the group. The Wheelem responded, "I remember this spirit. She seemed like a sweet little girl. I hardly understand why anyone would kill her..."

Nelve was about to say something, when the Wheelem interrupted. "She already told me her story. Tragic, indeed...I believe I know what you're looking for..."

"Well, what is it? Where do we need to go?" Nelve asked impatiently.

"It's not a where you need to go, it's a who you need to get..."

Vollin then asked, "Well, what is it?"

"A Leyena, one that, much like myself, finds itself free of Shade's grip."

"Where is it, then?" Nelve asked the Wheelem.

The Wheelem answered, "It, unlike myself, was unable to escape its race. It remains hidden in Darkon. It is there that it remains."

"So, we must head to Darkon," Nelve got out of the information. "Thank you so much. Hoepfully, we'll be able to make use of this information. See you around. Come on guys, let's get moving." Without another word from the group, Nelve lead them away, and they were on their way to Darkon.

As the group left, the Wheelem tumbled several thoughts through its head. It was impressed with the young man's determination to save a relative that is already dead. It also realized that determination could easilly turn into recklessness in a moment's notice. The Wheelem then decided what it was going to do about it...

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Default Chapter 3: Return to Darkon 1 - 05-14-2012, 11:55 AM
The team finally arrived in the city of Darken, just west of their destination. The team saw where their old lab used to be. The debris appeared to have been cleaned up, and a few new structures built in its place. However, their main concentration was getting supplies and preparing for the trek to find the Leyena they were looking for. Vollin, once she was done, watched as Nelve bartered with one of the merchants in an almost trance-like state. Suddenly, a voice spoke out.

"What're you doing?" It was Ariana.

Vollin snapped out of the state she was in and responded, "Nothing. Just...nothing."

"Nothing, it looked like you were..." Ariana's eyes followed where Vollin was gazing moments before. Then, a sly expression came on her face.

Vollin knew what the look meant. "Please, just don't tell him?"

Slyly, Ariana responded, "I won't tell him a thing," and she walked off.

Vollin nervously realized just how obvious her feelings for Nelve were, and realized that she needed to be more cautious. She approached him as he finished bartering, and asked, "'d it go?"

"Managed to get some supplies. Also asked about any Leyenas acting suspiciously docile; there appears to be one near the exit of the caves, in northern Darkon 1, seems to be avoiding human and Masquerpet alike. It might be what we're looking for..."

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Default 02-10-2013, 05:13 PM
Hey, what happened? For the longest time, I couldn't even connect to the site, no matter what computer I went on...

Needless to say, since it's back, I can now work on the story again, but still...

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