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Post Incessant Quest for Answers! - 03-24-2011, 02:50 PM
Hi guys!

I currently have a Full INT Assist at level 41. I'm aiming on making it a RingMaster (don't know what lifestyle yet). My problem is that every time I make an Assist, I end up getting tired of it because I'm unable to make enough money to sustain myself. Also, I seem to be having a lot of difficulty finding a partner, so leveling up is incredibly hard.

I have read guides and other threads and I have found contradicting information regarding what I should do next, which is why I've decided to post something myself. Here is the deal:

1) I would like to find a build for my Assist that can help me level up faster at this point by myself. What would you suggest?

2) I realize I need another character to support my Assist/future RM. I'd like to have something that would make money very fast, possibly without the need of an FS, but I'm open to any suggestions. Which class/build/type should I create? Info around the site seems a bit contradictory...

I know this is long >_<... I'm sorry!
Thank you so much for helping!

PS: Many guides talk about builds that play really well, but they all seem to require expensive equipment which I don't know if I can afford... Any advice?
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Default 03-24-2011, 05:26 PM
IMO your best bet for making money without buying gpots is gianting/super gianting. So you would want something that can 1v1 pve with ease. The best choices would be blade, bj or yj.

Blades are very expensive to gear, but the damage can be insane, much faster at killing than any other class (pve)
Yj can solo wilds, but compared to the other two it won't be as easy to giant, much cheaper than blade.
Bj is what I recommend since you seem to be short on penya, it isn't that difficult to gear, crusier/restra and a nice lgb; since you will use a bow you would be full dex, meaning your block/dodge will be insane.

I'm sure other people have varying opinions, I just say go bj because thats how I did it and it worked well, solo'd cw at 85 in ~40 minutes.
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Default 03-24-2011, 06:22 PM
Go for BP. Easy level, pretty fast, can giant alone. Early aoe, self buffs, easy to awake knuckles and finally...easy $$$$, enough to allow you to buy superknuckles later on.
Blades kill faster IF they have a RM to buff and keep alive.

For solo gaming, I think nothing surpasses a BP.

ps. far less boring than waiting to find an RM or money or replenishing magic imho
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Psykeeper Of The YearRanger Of The Year
Default 03-24-2011, 06:34 PM
Unfortunately, other than buying a lot of gPots, there aren't very efficient ways to make a lot of money quick. The best would be farming high level dungeons, which requires a team and even then, takes a while to sell the stuff and gain money.

But considering you're also looking forward making an assist that can fight without needing a FS assist/RM, you could become an 1v1 BP. They arent the fastest levelers, actually, kinda slow, but you can giant/level on your own - then again, having an assist/RM with you is always better, since it can serve as a leecher and have longer duration of buffs. They can buff themselves and have stone hand, what most of the times will stunlock the giants/mobs. Kill giants for unique weapons and try to sell them for some money, although they arent very expensive. A good build is 43 DEX rest STR, and STA up to 30 if you think it will be helpful.

Another thing you can do is try to take advantage of events. Sometimes it's a box drop event, so make low level 1v1 char and farm mobs of it's level for the best amount of boxes/hour. Sometimes you gotta collect pieces of something, which you can also sell. Sometimes it's an event where there are event mobs spawned everywhere and you kill them for items - depending on your luck, you may get one of the best prizes. Basically, farm events and sell whatever you get from them.
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