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Default My 1vs1 str BP build - 07-30-2011, 07:16 AM
Hey guys,
I got some questions on how to improve my build and gear on my STR BP..
I wanna be a char that is good at giant hunting/soloing/pvping.

First off, here are my stats:

Base (Buffed+Equips)
Str xxx (112)
Sta 40 (86)
Dex 43 (69)
Int 15 (19)

Details: (buffed)
Attack: 1178
Defence: 761
Critrate: 6%
A. speed: 96%

Guardian Knuckle +3
Ancient Shield +3 -> with 7% Adoch
Oriene Set +3
Stam ring +5
Arek ring +5
Gore necklace +3
2x Plugs +3

Alright, my questions then.

I know I shud get more critrate but how should I do that?
I've been reading up on the Talin set and I know it gives a 10% critrate.
But is the crit rate worth the cost of the decreased defence?

And how to generally increase my damage per seconds?

How far should I upgrade my equipment? +3? +8?

Should I restat to lower sta and more dex/sta?

Any hints and tips are also more then welcome!
Thanks in advance,

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Default 08-02-2011, 02:51 AM
Any ideas?
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