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Flyer of the Season:


  • [Review] Army of Two: The 40th Day By: Exige.
    "Once again, EA has managed to go over the top with gratouitous violence (not a bad thing I might add) and still continues to cater to teenage males with the two frat-boy main characters. While the original title managed to establish this concept, The 40th Day doesn't really do much to distinguish itself or even better itself from its predecessor."

  • East Asian Drama Reviews: 2-10-2010 By: SoraMio.
    "Another drama review in session and I am overwhelmed. This time I have a small mix up for review cause I'm in the middle of finishing up watching several dramas so I can't post the latest drama releases since they are still ongoing or so long it's taking me a while to finish them up."

  • Review: Hadouken! – For the Masses By: SonofChaos.
    "Don’t get me wrong, the album is quality but Hadouken! Have changed, there’s less of the cheeky neon wit that fans loved so much in songs from their first album (Music For and Accelerated Culture) such as “That Boy That Girl” and “Liquid Lives”, not to mention “Superstar” and “Tuning In” from their previous EPs."



Creative Corner:

  • The Heroes of Newerth By: facibrek

  • Magic: The Gathering By: Teddy5



Contest Spotlight:
  • Up for Raffle: Scroll of Smelting x10! Follow that link to explore the various items that might be up for grabs! Items use your 'FW Penya' which is collected, in part, by posting around the site! Also, click here to see the results of the previous raffle!
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