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imamushroom 01-24-2012 02:16 AM

The 1v1 Billposter [v18]
Intoduction -

Let me introduce myself (: For this part, I am Morimoto an active lvl 85 BP, from Yetti. Hope you enjoy :lol: Alright, this is a guide to help you out with becoming a very effective 1v1 Billposter :lol: Also, for the moment, this guide is basically for levels 1-60/65-70.
First things first, if you follow this guide, all you should need to buy apart from the general food and all that stuff is a Guardian Knuckle. Pictures will be added when guide is finished, which should be very soon. (:

Contents -

1: Introduction
2: What it means to be a Billposter
3: The 1v1 build
4: Skills
5: Equipment - Armour
5.5: Equipment - Weapons
6: What to do from levels 15-60
7: Building your character from levels 15-60
8: FAQ
9: Conclusion/Credits

Ok, time to get into the real guide. :sneer:

What it means to be a Billposter -

Flyff Wiki says: Billposters are undoubtedly the most self-sufficient class in the game. With their normal assist buffs, and their additional damage skills upon second job change, they are a very strong class. They are more of a melee class, and fight using a knuckle and a shield.

Morimoto says: The 1v1 Billposter is the pure nature of a fighting assist. Hitting at a very fast pace, and hitting hard, the 1v1 BP can take down anything in it's path. We use the knuckle and shield, combined with a stick to buff ourselfs when we go solo, this makes us the most self-sufficient class in the game.

Basically, being a Billposter means, you can be very strong, hit very fast and make money fairly easy when drop rates are good. You can also aoe at later levels when you have a tank for even faster leveling. Normally, Billposters are well respected and you can expect greatness from a BP. :rich:

The 1v1 build -

Alright, first the build, then explanations.
Strength: xxx
Stamina: 30
Dexterity: 43
Intelligence: 15

Firstly, i will explain the dex part of the build. You should have max cannon ball, if you are any decent bp, so 43 dex + 20 dex from cannon makes 63 dex, which is a knuckle speed break. Combine this with haste and a Gknuck (15% attack speed) you get a att. speed of 96% which is the max att. speed. (: that is the hitting very fast part of being a billposter.

Now, the sta part, 30 sta is just a good number to have because with max heap up that gives you a nice 70 sta, which can give you enough def and hp to tank crits from two or even three aggros, which will save you life (: No other reason for the 30 sta but that.

Thirdly, STR STR STR :lol:, str brings your attack power up, which without you would be a useless bp, and would fail horribly at both pvp and pvm. So yeah just full str when everything else is capped. This is the hitting hard part of the build :D

And finally, Int, seriously? A 1v1 bp with int, thats just stupid. 'nuff said :D

Follow this build and everything should turn out well. I took my bp in arena at level 70, and destroyed nearly the whole arena, except for that ele -.- :lol: Refer to chapter 7 on how to build it.

Skills -

Ok, here i will post all the skills of the Assist/Billposter and their descriptions, even the ones you don't need to get (:
1: Heal - Recovers the HP of the target
2: Mental Sign - Increases the int of the target by 20 when maxxed.
3: Patience - Increases the max HP of the target by 210 when maxxed.
4: Heap Up - Increases the sta of the target by 40 when maxxed.
5: Quick Step - Increases the walk speed of the target by 30% when maxxed.
6: Resurrection - Resurrects the target with +240 hp when maxxed.
7: Straight Punch - Powerful, straight punch.
8: Beef Up - Increase the STR of the target when maxxed.
9: Circle Healing - Heals all party members in aoe range by 200 HP.
10: Haste - Increases the Att. Speed of the target by 25%.
11: Stonehand - Has a 12% chance to stun, I will explain later on.
12: Burst Crack - Pounds the ground around target and damages enemies.
13: Cats Reflex - Increases Block Rate by 12% when maxxed.
14: Accuracy - Increases Hit Rate by 20% when maxxed.
15: Prevention - Reheals you when HP is below 10% back to full when maxxed.
16: Cannon Ball - Increases the DEX of the target by 20 when maxxed.
17: Power Fist - Concentrated power strike.

Now, Billposter Skills -
1: Asmodeus - Increases Knuckle attack power by 80 when maxxed - requires poster.
2: Belial Smashing - Sliding, Crushing Attack.
3: Baraqijal Esna - Increases striking power, while decreasing defensive power of the target - requires poster.
4: Blood Fist - Strikes a heavy blow to the enemy that causes it to lose health over time.
5: Bgvur Tialbold - Strikes at nearby enemies with an outward shockwave - requires poster.
6: Piercing Serpent - Fires a piercing beam at the target.
7: Sonic Hand - Fast, straight punch.
8: Asalraalaikum - Fully concentrated strike, consumes 100% mp. Strongest move in the game - requires poster.
9: Special Knuckle Mastery - Increases knuckle damage by 180 when maxxed. Master skill.
10: Disenchant - Has a 35% chance to remove all buffs from the target when maxxed. Hero Skill.
And that is all the Assist and Billposter skills.

Now for the order in which to max your skills. Heap Up, Haste, Stonehand (19), Beef Up, Accuracy, Cannon Ball, Asmodeus, Burst Crack (optional), Cats Reflex (optional). The reason for Stonehand being only level 19 is that, level 19 now has the same statistics as level 20, saving you 2 skill points and 2 mp :lol:

Equipment - Armour -

Ok, I'm only going to list the equipment that you need and the assist greens. :lol:

First of all:
1: Sardine/Curus Set:
Bonuses of this set are:
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def +15, DEX+3
3/4: Def+33, DEX+3, FP+10%, MP+10%
4/4: Def+33, DEX+3, FP+10%, MP+10%, Atk Speed+10%
All in all not a great set, but if you've got the money and your pre level 30 feel free to buy but not recommended.

2: Talin/Sayram Set:
Bonuses of this set are:
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+19, INT+5
3/4: Def+47, INT+5, FP Consumption-15%, MP Consumption-15%
4/4: Def+47, INT+5, FP Consumption-15%, MP Consumption-15%, Crit Rate+10%
This is a great set, and should be used all the way to level 105 or 95 with reductions. The crit rate really helps out and INT+5 just helps out even more with your buffs. Highly recommended, because you don't have to buy it either. (I will explain that in the next chapter)

3: Wedge/Flury Set:
Bonuses of this set are:
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+19, INT+7
3/4: Def+38, INT+7, FP Consumption-20%, MP Consumption-20%
4/4: Def+38, INT+7, FP Consumption-20%, MP Consumption-20%, Decreasing of Magic Motion Time+30%
Never get this set in your whole BP life, it is an fs set! Just look at the bonuses lol, unless your buying this for your fsrm, just leave it alone. Other than that, great set for fsing, but thats not what your here for isn't it?
Not recommended.

4: Rashdain/Yuandain Set:
Bonuses of this set are:
Clockworks Set Bonus
Helmet: Resistances: Electric+8%, Fire+8%, Water+16%
Boots: Resistances: Electric+7%, Fire+7%, Water+14%
Gauntlets: Resistances: Electric+9%, Fire+9%, Water+18%
Suit: Resistances: Electric+10%, Fire+10%, Water+20%

Male Bonuses
Helmet: MP+60
Boots: Hp+100
Gauntlets: HP+100
Suit: MP+60

Female Bonuses
Helmet: Add Damage+35
Boots: Def+45
Gauntlets: Def+35
Suit: Add Damage+65

Meh, I suppose the bonuses are ok, if you really suck and you need resistances, so yeah this is more an AoE set, ignore it, it will just cost you lots of money

Finally, 5:
Shurand/Shuran Set:
Bonuses of this set are:
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+19
3/4: Def+45, INT+8
4/4: Def+45, INT+8, Add HP+15%
Leave this set completely alone, it is for INT AoE BPs but this guide isn't about them isn't it. Even at that it's not a great set for INT AoE. So yeah, ignore this set.

Ok, basically get the level 15 set if you want (not needed). You must get the level 30 set, I will explain how to get this paying nothing. Leave the 45,50 and 60 sets alone. :lol:

All information on this page except for the bit under the stats (that's me :3) is from the Flyff Wiki from Gpotato, I do not claim any ownership of photos or stats. Thank you Flyff Wiki. (:

Equipment - Weapons -

Ok, once again, I'm only going to list the knuckle you need and the main assist green knuckles :P

First: Irony Knuckle
Bonuses: STR+2, Crit Rate =1%
Pretty much useless knuckle, only here because im posting the level 15,30,45 and 60 rare knuckles. Ignore this knuckle

Second: Steel Knuckle
Bonuses: STR+3, Atk Speed +5%
Ok knuckle, get it if you have the money, the atk speed+5% is pretty nice, but you can just get the level 25 rare knuckle (+10% atk speed) to help out with that.

Third: Fist Of Revenge
Bonuses: STR+5, Reflect Damage +10%
Pretty good pre 60 knuckle, not neccasry but reflect damage is always fun :3 Btw, the other level 45 Rare is just STA+2 so yeah leave it alone.

Fourth: Guardian Knuckle!!
Bonuses: Atk Speed+15%, HP+15%
Amazing knuckle, this is the knuckle you will need for a 1v1 bp to atleast 75, usually over that though. My 85 1v1 BP still uses it :3 So yeah this is a must! You have to get this knuckle. I don't care how you get the money, scam, beg or just politely ask, but you must have the money for this knuckle! The atk speed is what gives my bp style its max atk speed (:

Once again, all picture/info is from Flyff Wiki by Gpotato. Thank you Flyff Wiki (:

What to do from levels 15-60 -

Ok, this chapter is basically all about what quests to do, I'm not going to detail every mob to fight, just fight roughly 4-8 levels above you when grinding. Use a character simulator for info on best exp mobs.

Right, first quest of all is the v18 Scenario Quests. I'm not sure if these are going to be here in v19, because the name says 'v18' but yeah, this guide is for v18 so yeahh! :lol: The only problem with it not being here after v18 is your gonna have to buy your Talin/Sayram set /:
So yeah these quests, by level 60 if you do all the parts, you should have about 8-10m I think. Also, it gives you +3 armour at two stages, +6 weaps at another and +7 weaps at another point. As well as those, you get about 20 of each element card, 20 awakening scrolls (I think it's 20 anyway) 10 suns and 10 moons (that might be post 60 parts though) and I think that's about it. These are the quests that will give you your Talin/Sayram set for free, so while in v18 it is a must! A guide to this quest is here follow that and your good.

Second quests, the Mia Quest. Basically this gives you a +3 Gore Necklace, about 70k penya, and the thrill of killing [I have a potty mouth]loads of mias -.- So yeah do this for the Gore, its a great asset to your HP. A guide to this quest is here - - follow it and you've got your Gore. By the way, this quest is only for level 20-30 so you have to do it at like 25 pretty much.

Last quest to do by neccesity. The Red Bang Quest. Gives you about 358k penya, and a Entanale Sword, which you can sell in private shop for about 2m if your lucky, you can awaken it or just npc sell it. Do this quest, as it helps you after 60 to hit level 62 really fast! Wait till level 40 to kill the giant though, otherwise you'll be destroyed. A guide to this quest is here - - follow that and your good.

That's about it for this section, tell me if you think there should be more here.

Building your character from levels 15-60 -

Alright this section is for how to do your

martinSL 04-10-2012 09:22 PM

nice guide! i'm new at this game and i would like to know how you get the set you recommend and the weapons, gonna follow this!

waiting for more updates keep up the good job

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