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RenaKitty 11-09-2011 07:59 PM

- S h i n i n g ✪ S t a r s - An Art Shop
Hello and welcome to my art shop~ I play on the Lykan Server and have two characters. And I hope this pink isn't killing anyone's eyes

✪ R u l e s ✪
★ If you request from me, give me some time before you expect your order. I have a life outside of the interwebs.
☆ Do not claim my art work as your own.
★ Please don't be rude or harass myself or others.
☆ Payments will be either in gpot or penya.
★ I have the right to cancel any order or turn down any order. However if I do cancel an order when half payment has been received I will refund it to you.
☆ Follow all ToS by FlyFF and GPOTATO
★ Highlight the full sentence on the fourth star below in the How to Order list to see the surprise so I know you've read the rules and how to order
☆ I will give you my IGN once you place an order :3

✪ How to Order ✪
★If your interested in ordering art, please fill out the form below and post it in the thread.
☆ Once I accept the order, I will send you several w.i.p.s (work in progress) for your viewing. Once the wip has been to your liking you will give me half the payment. Then once the picture is finished, you give the rest of the payment at that time.
★ Items that I would accept through the cash shop will be listed below as well as the prices.
☆ NOTE: My style tends to change from time to time (i.e. My eyes in the cel shade chibi picture to the eyes in the second soft shade chibi. I have stuck with the second.) That being said, my style is not set yet.
SURPRISE! Cookies & Milk
✪ E x a m p l e s ✪
C e l . S h a d e . C h i b i
P r i c e
250M Penya
S o f t . S h a d e . C h i b i
P r i c e
300M Penya
W a i s t . U p
P r i c e
500M Penya
F u l l . B o d y (with background)
P r i c e
Full body with background will need to be epic bribed~

✪I t e m . S h o p . W a n t s✪
Below are listed from shop items I want. Depending on the price of the item in Gpotatos will determine what you can request from me. Once received I will cross off from my list, or add something my friends would like

★Elegant White Wings(x2) - 4,000 gPotatoes
☆Lamb Set (F) - 1,800 gPotatoes
★Cats (F) - 1,800 gPotatoes
☆Maid Set (F) - 1,800 gPotatoes
★Dress Set (Pink)(F) - 1,800 gPotatoes
☆Dress Girl (F) Set - 1,800 gPotatoes
★Cats (F) Ears headgear - 550 gPotatoes

✪W i l l . D r a w✪
★ Fanservice
☆ Nekomimi's
★ Animals (attempt haha)

✪W o n ' t. D r a w✪
★ GUYS. (Yes, I am sorry guys. But I truly suck at drawing men. If I feel better and more confident at drawing guys aside from chibis then I shall do so. But other than CHIBI characters, I can not draw men ;u; )
☆ Blood/Gore
★ Mecha

✪ O r d e r . F o r m ✪
Server: (Lykan ONLY)
Payment: (Penya/item?) Yes, you may split the penya and an item I have from my waiting list.

✪W a i t i n g . L i s t✪
j3eautiful - Cel Chibi//Sketching//Not Paid
ohsnapitsjer - Cel Chibi//Sketching//Not Paid

✪T h a n k s✪

RenaKitty 11-11-2011 09:52 AM

Chibi for someone :3 ♥


Sketched my assist character

ItsReiko 11-11-2011 11:51 PM

wow, youre a pretty good artist :p

LoveBlue 11-12-2011 02:15 AM

It's nice to see new art around here as this part of the forums isn't very active.

Good luck with your commissions and keep us posted!

RenaKitty 11-13-2011 07:18 AM

Thank you both! Expect some chibi art from me soon from two people!

And its worth a shot to try an art shop here lol :3 feel free to hang about and chat! If you have a deviantart please follow me!

RenaKitty 11-14-2011 05:51 PM

chibi commissions sketchesss

Dr. Polaris 10-16-2013 05:36 PM


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