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Listed in no particalur order these people help make flyffworld what it is, from version 1 to version 3.

Strafe, aaerdan, Anni, Skrymir, Luri, Zesus, SilentXHill, DigitalHaze, ItsReiko, ImmoralSister, Lloyd Waver, Skysorcerer, Lehas, UnderDog, Philia and the rest of the Illuminati crew, SexyFreeze and UnderGroundZ, TripletsKGB, Zestible, Zanith, Aeonsoft, Gpotatoes, Tor, flyffworld fans and contributers.

Thank you for your undying support and shout scamming in the servers. FlyFFworld is nothing without everyone above and all the supporters.

Special Thanks To...
Strafe: For being the creator, the innovator and manifestating flyffworld into the great fansite that it is. Thanks for starting this site so we all can get tips and tricks from it. Tor: For designing version 3 from scratch and adding in all the new contents. For wanting to take chances and make changes. Aaerdan: For being the current head honcho of the forums. Thank you for being a good admin and running the forums diplomatically. How you balance your work and flyffworld is beyond our imaginations. SilentxHill: For being the previous head honcho of the forums. Thanks for helping flyffworld grow while maintaining the forums. The Mods Of The Forums: For running the forums and keeping things clean. Helping the admin's job much much more easier than it would actually be. Supporters: For donating your money to help maintian the servers and website. Thank you so much for your contributions not only by money, but by being active in the forums! Thank you so much! Aeonsoft and Galanet: Last but not least, thank you for creating the game and hosting the servers. Without you guys, we would not have drama, tears, happiness and fun times. Thanks for the memories and for the indirect effects that you have had on and all the friends that each of us were able to make. Thank you so much.
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