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Weapons:Two Handed Sword

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Two-handed Sword Info

Attack Speed:Slow
Required Job:Knight
Two-handed Weapon

Normal Two-handed Swords

Normal weapons are the most common type of weapon. They are sold from various NPCs up through level 85, and drop from monsters more frequently than the other types of weapons.

Icon Lvl Name Atk Max NPC Sells For NPC Buys For
Image:BastardSword.gif 60 Bastard Sword 244 - 247 418,000 Penya 104,500 Penya
Image:TwoHandedSword.gif 65 Two Handed Sword 247 - 250 460,000 Penya 115,000 Penya
Image:Darkonizer.gif 70 Darkonizer 291 - 294 580,000 Penya 145,000 Penya
Image:Adaptizer.gif 75 Adaptizer 294 - 296 810,000 Penya 202,500 Penya
Image:Zweigazer.gif 80 Zweigazer 299 - 302 1,050,000 Penya 262,500 Penya
Image:Kaleonizer.gif 85 Kaleonizer 320 - 323 1,220,000 Penya 305,000 Penya
Image:Gootnizer.gif 90 Gootnizer 323 - 326 N/A 402,500 Penya
Image:Hauntizer.gif 95 Hauntizer 343 - 347 N/A 567,500 Penya
Image:ClockSlayer.gif 100 Clock Slayer 382 - 384 N/A 690,000 Penya
Image:Pieceslayer.gif 110 Pieceslayer 392 - 401 N/A 1,117,500 Penya
Image:Lasterslayer.gif 120 Lasterslayer 404 - 406 N/A 1,310,000 Penya

Rare Two-handed Swords

Rare weapons have special bonuses, as well as a higher attack rating than normal weapons. They cannot be bought from any NPCs, but can be obtained from monster drops and some quests.

Icon Lvl Name Atk Min-Max Effect NPC Buys For
Image:BastardSword.gif 60 Pre-BastardSword 232 - 235 None 1 Penya
Image:Zweigazer.gif 70 Great Sword of Ivillines 299 - 302 All Stats +3 75,000 Penya
Image:BastardSword.gif 85 Qurion Sword 320 - 323 ASPD+3.5% 1 Penya

Unique Two-handed Swords

Unique weapons are among the most powerful in the game and are highly sought after. They are not sold from any NPC, and with the exception of Bloody weapons, drop only from Giants. They can also be made with the crafting system. Uniques are the only weapons that can be turned into Ultimate Weapons.

Icon Lvl Name Atk Min-Max Ult. Atk Min-Max Effect NPC Buys For
Image:GuardianBigSword.gif 60 Guardian Big Sword 305 - 308 HP+200, Def+30 25,000 Penya
Image:HistoricBigSword.gif 75 Historic Big Sword 321 - 324 531 - 535 Hit+15%, ASPD+10% 50,000 Penya
Image:AngelBigSword.gif 90 Angel Big Sword 380 - 382 622 - 624 Dex+10, ADOCH+35% 75,000 Penya
Image:LegendaryGoldenBigSword.gif 105 Legendary Golden Big Sword 392 - 394 641 - 643 Str+2, ASPD+18% 100,000 Penya
Image:Bloodyslayer.gif 120 Bloody Slayer 412 - 414 670 - 674 Str+6, Range Block+10%, HP+20% 125,000 Penya

Soul-Link Two-handed Swords

Once a soul-link item is equipped by a player, it becomes soul-linked to that player and cannot be traded, sold, banked, warehoused, dropped, or mailed. Soul-link weapons are the rarest in the game, obtainable only through specific dungeon boss monster drops.

These weapons drop from their respective bosses as Ultimate Weapons.

Icon Lvl Name Ult. Atk Min-Max Effect NPC Buys For
Image:LusakaHeavySword.gif 75 Lusaka's Heavy Sword 590 - 592 Melee Block+10%, Def+100 50,000 Penya
Image:VampireSlayer.gif 120 Ultimate Vampire Slayer 680 - 684 HP+20%, Range Block+10%, Melee Block+10% 1,250,000 Penya
Image:LusakaHeavyCrystalSword.gif 75 Master Lusaka's Heavy Crystal Sword 680 - 684 HP+20%, Ranged Block+10%, Melee Block+10% 50,000 Penya
Image:Ancient2hSword.gif 120 Master Ultimate Ancient Two-hand Sword 803 - 806 HP+30%, Range Block+30%, Melee Block+30% 1,250,000 Penya

Baruna Two-handed Swords

Baruna weapons utilize the Baruna Upgrade System. Unlike the previous soul-link weapons, these do not drop as ultimates, and neither can they be converted to ultimates - no form of upgrading or enhancement may be used on baruna weapons other than the Baruna Upgrade System.

Icon Lvl Name Atk Min-Max Effect NPC Buys For
Image:CelestialEdge.gif 135 Hero Celestial Edge 713 - 715 HP+40%, Range Block+40%, Melee Block+40% 722,684 Penya
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