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For the first part of the game, flyff is considered a skill dependent game. As you level up many classes begin to use less and less skills to level. However some classes will be wholly skill dependent throughout their flyff life. Skills are an important part of the game.


Skills Interface

Action Slot

Skills can be added to the action slot for quicker, simpler, and easier use. Action slot needs a cool down time. The cool down time increases every time used and some skills may be not be used to the cool down effect.

Type Of Skills

Skills are like puzzles. You have to connect the pieces in order for the magic to begin. There are 4 types of skills. All skills can be assigned to the F1-F9 keys.

Icon Name Description
Image:General Skill.gif General Skill They be put in the action slot repeatedly or one time. They can not be used in a chain. Note: Skills with cooldown cannot be put in the action slot.
Image:Starting Skill.gif Starting Skill They will always start out the chain of skills and can only be used once.
Image:Circle Skill.gif Circle Skill A Starting Skill must come first. They can be used as many times as possible after the Starting Skill.
Image:Finishing Skill.gif Finishing Skill These skills will end the chain and can only be added once to the action slot.

Connecting Skills

To connect the skills you have to use the Action Slot. If there is one skill in the action slot a shortcut key (C) can be press to activate all the skills in the action slot. Upon activating this slot, the character will use each move in order. However, be careful, for when you use your action slot, a cooldown effect will take place, and you may not be able to use the entire slot, as your character tires.

Leveling Skills

Cost Per Skill

At the beginning of your journeys, you will find that you will want to develop in your class's skills. Each skill will require skill points to gain additional power in the skill.

While in your first class, a skill will require two points to level it once. That means it will require forty points to maximize a skill. When you have achieved your second class, the skills become much harder to master, and thus require three points to level it once. Though the skills are much harder to master, there are only ten levels, and thus, thirty points are required to maximize your prowess with a skill.

Skills Per Level

Bonus Skill Points

Max Skill Points

Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

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