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Red Meteonyker

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Red Meteonyker

Image:RedMeteonyker.gif Image:RedMeteonykerm.gif
A red dragon, hidden deep inside the volcanic lands. Waiting for treasure hunters to come his lair, ready to rip their flesh from their bones.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Red Meteonyker 120 100,000,000 10,000,000 fire.gif
extended info
Attack 1 - 1 Rage 1.5x at 2% HP
Attack Speed 1s Prevention
Attack Delay 4s Runaway at low HP
Defense 220 Ranged Attacks
Magic Defense 120 Maintains Range
Str 15 Aoe
Sta 20 Debuffs
Dex 200 Summon
Int 200 Class Mid-Boss
Run Speed .15

Red Meteonyker Locations


Red Meteonyker is located within the Volkane Dungeon.

Once inside the dungeon, stick to the right, and follow the road when it branches off to the right. At the end of that road, you will find a cave with a glowing portal. The portal will take you to Red Meteonykers room. Cyclops X and Meteonyker are also within Red Meteonykers room.

Red Meteonyker Gallery

Red Meteonyker Monster Drops

Maximun Items: 10

Quest Item: Dragon Heart, Dragon Tooth
Weapons: Bloody Weapons, Blue Weapons lvl 80 - 120
Armor: All Greens lvl 60 - 105
Shields: - Jewelry: Intelli, Arek, Vigor Rings +18; Plug, Demol Earrings; Gore, Mental, Peision Necklaces
Recovery Items: VitalDrink 800, Eigth Refresher, Meat Salad, Ice Cream Cake
Refining Material: Ultimate Socketing Jewels, Element Cards, Suit Socketing Cards 2%-4%, Weapon and Shield Socketing Cards D-B, Sunstone, Moonstone
Other: Riding Cloud (Blood Red), Egg


Killing 100 Red Meteonykers grants the Achievement Title Red Dragon Hunter .

Red Meteonyker was added to the game in Version 10.

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