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Quests:Saint Morning Office

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Pang here, just wanted to give you some friendly Advice. Did you know that you can click on the "Heading" or "Name" to bring you to a page that has more information? Go ahead and try. Pang Out.


Saint Morning Office Quests

File:(Quest Office) Lancomi Location.jpg

These Quests are available from (Quest Office) Lancomi, of Sain City. Lancomi both starts and finishes all these quests.

Delicious Sauce

Character Level: 27 - 32
Cardrin Dropped By
File:Cardrin.gif File:RedMantisIcon.gif
x30 Red Mantises
Objective: Collect 30 Cardrin
Reward:27,000 Penya and 11,486 Experience (44% at lvl 27)

Magic Orb

Character Level: 29 - 34
Hammarble Dropped By
File:Hammarble.gif File:JacktheHammerIcon.gif
x30 Jack the Hammers
Objective: Collect 30 Hammarble
Reward: 29,000 Penya and 24,180 Experience (63% at lvl 29)

Mark of Bill

Character Level: 31 - 36
Gigglande Dropped By
File:Gigglande.gif File:GiggleBoxIcon.gif
x30 Giggle Boxes
Objective: Collect 30 Gigglande
Reward: 31,000 penya and 61,300 Experience (94% at lvl 31)

Repair Work on Saint Hall

Character Level: 33 - 38
Crescent Stone Dropped By
File:CrescentStone.gif File:RockMuscleIcon.gif
x30 Rock Muscles
Objective: Collect 30 Crescent Stone
Reward: 33,000 penya and 54,900 Experience (76% at lvl 33)

Helping injured animals

Character Level: 35 - 40
Boband Dropped By
File:Boband.gif File:HoboIcon.gif
x30 Hobos
Objective: Collect 30 Boband
Reward: 35,000 penya and 96,526 Experience (91% at lvl 35)

Strange Collector

Character Level: 37 - 42
Dumbling Dropped By
File:Dumbling.gif File:DumbBullIcon.gif
x30 Dumb Bulls
Objective: Collect 30 Dumbling
Reward: 37,000 penya and 215,514 Experience (118% at lvl 37)

For the Wife

Character Level: 39 - 44
Kalin Dropped By
File:Kalin.gif File:TotemiaIcon.gif
x35 Totemias
Objective: Collect 35 Kalin
Reward: 39,000 penya and 311,984 Experience (116% at lvl 39)

Weak Heart

Character Level: 41 - 46
Clock Heart Dropped By
File:ClockHeart.gif File:CardpuppetIcon.gif
x35 Cardpuppets
Objective: Collect 35 Clock Heart
Reward: 41,000 penya and 87,710 Experience (20% at lvl 41)

Devil Marble

Character Level: 43 - 48
Tomb Marble Dropped By
File:TombMarble.gif File:TombstoneBearerIcon.gif
x35 Tombstone Bearers
Objective: Collect 35 Tomb Marble
Reward: 43,000 penya and 93,788 Experience (20% at lvl 43)

Dream of the Fighter

Character Level: 45 - 51
Golden Fist Dropped By
File:GoldenFist.gif File:BasqueIcon.gif
x35 Basques
Objective: Collect 35 Golden Fist
Reward: 45,000 penya and 133,864 Experience (20% at lvl 45)

Marbles for the Son

Character Level: 47 - 51
Orbrin Dropped By
File:Orbrin.gif File:PranksterIcon.gif
x35 Pranksters
Objective: Collect 35 Orbrin
Reward: 47,000 penya and 223,078 Experience (20% at lvl 47)

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