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While leveling through Flyff, you will find various NPCs offering quests for your character. In exchange for completing the tasks they ask of you, you may be rewarded with experience points, penya, items, access to new areas, or other things.

Quest Categories

Scenario Quests are quests that explore the story of Flyff

General is the "miscellaneous" category. All quests that do not fit in the other categories fall under the General Quest category.

Request Office
Request Office is the most common type of quest in Flyff. These are exclusively fetch quests.

Event Quests are special Quests offered during limited time events. Occasionally Event Quests are repeatable.

NPCs and Quests

All quests are obtained from and are completed by speaking to NPCs.

To gain a quest, speak to an NPC with quests available. You may view the available quests by selecting New Quest from the conversation window. There, select the quest you would like from the list of quests displayed. This will initiate a the quest conversation, at the end of which you may chose to accept or deny the quest. If there is only one quest available for you, the quest conversation will be initiated automatically.

Removing/Declining Quests

Each time an NPC offers a quest, you are given the option to decline the quest. If you do so, you will not acquire the quest.

You may remove a quest that you have accepted by opening the Quest Window (hotkey 'Q'), selecting the quest (click on the quest title), and clicking the Remove Quest button.

In the case that you chose to decline a quest or remove a quest, you may acquire the quest from the NPC again so long as you still meet the quest requirements.

NPC Quest Indicators

NPCs may display emoticons above their head that indicate the status of Quests that are available from them. These indicators are as follows:

File:GreyExclamation.gif Quest will be available soon
File:GoldExclamation.gif Quest is available
File:GreyQuestion.gif Quest in progress
File:GoldQuestion.gif Quest requirements met; Quest can be completed by speaking to NPC
Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

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