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Raising Your Pets

Before raising your Flyff Pets you first have to find an egg by killing monsters that are over level 20. After which you have to feed your pet with Pet Feeds.

Feeding Your Egg


Before the egg can hatch you have to get its EXP up to 99.99% Pets will only eat Pet Feed. Go to the Pet Tamer in all major cities once you have an egg and start the quest. You will need to feed your pet until it reaches 99.99% exp. Pet feed can be obtained from the tamer, by clicking the NPC and choosing "Make Feed", then placing quest items in the window that pops up. Quest items that are derived from higher level monsters will produce more pet feed than lower level monsters. Once you have obtained the feed, double click on the feed and it will add exp to your egg.

Hatching Your Eggs


After getting your pet to 99.99% EXP finish the Pet Tamer's quest. You can also get 10 Pet eggs and bring it to him. However, doing it this way has a chance of failure. If it fails you will get pet feed in return.

Random Pet Chances

After your egg hatches a random pet will be generated. Below is the type of pet you can get and the chance of getting that pet.

Pet: tiger.gif lion.jpg fox.gif rabbit.gif giffrin.gif dragon.gif unicorn.jpg
Chance: 9% 11% 55.75% 13% 16.75% 16.75% 16.75%

Summoning Your Pet And Levelling


To summon your pet double click its icon in your inventory. To unsummon your pet, right click it and choose "Unsummon Pet" or double click your pet icon in the inventory.

Please note that when you unsummon your pet it loses exp equal to 1 minute.

Each second your pet is out, it loses HP.

Rank HP Death w/o Feed
D 180 3 Mins
C 300 5 Mins
B 420 7 Mins
A 600 10 Mins
S 1500 25 Mins

Pet Experience

Your pet gains EXP over time, unless it reached the S class, which is the highest class. Below is the EXP that is earned by class level.

For example: in 1 minute a (D) Class pet gains 0.166%. It would take 18,702 feeds fed every minute for 10.04 hours for it to level to a (C) Class.

Time Rank EXP Per Minute Total Feed Total Time To Level
1 Min D 0.25% 12,000 06:40 Hours
1 Min C 0.12% 24,990 13:53 Hours
1 Min B 0.06% 50,010 27:47 Hours
1 Min A 0.03% 99,990 55.55 Hours

EXP Loss

When you unsummon your pet, it will lose approximately 1 minute worth of exp. Here is a table stating how much exp every pet loses according to its class when it is unsummoned (note that S class pets do not lose exp when unsummoned):

For example: a (D) Class pet will lose 0.16% EXP when it is unsummoned.

Time Rank EXP Lost
1 Min D .16%
1 Min C .08%
1 Min B .04%
1 Min A .02%

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