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Monsters:Level 91-100

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image:Pang Tiny.gif

Pang here, just wanted to give you some friendly Advice. Did you know that you can click on the "Heading" or "Name" to bring you to a page that has more information? Go ahead and try. Pang Out.


Image:luia.jpg Image:luiam.jpg
Before ancient times, these once great beasts were means of travel for Kings and Queens. However after a great technological advancement they were tossed aside because hoverboards and brooms were a much faster way to get here and there.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Luia 90 48,119 141,551 fire.gif
Luia 91 49,286 155,706 fire.gif
Captain Luia 92 50,468 171,276 fire.gif
Giant Luia 95 1,009,362 1,468,311 earth.gif

Mutant Augu

Image:maugu.gif Image:maugum.gif
The Gods Of Lais final attempt at an ultimate monster were the Mutant Angu's. Made to be sea and land monsters, these monsters were fierce. However like the Mutant Yeti, they lacked Intelligence. The Gods Of Lais did not know why each mutant attempt caused the monsters to be dumb, so they stop making says the Legend Of Lais.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Mutant Augu 91 49,286 186,847 fire.gif


Image:Tengu.gif Image:Tengum.gif
A powerful demon who sold his soul for a box of cereal. Ultimately vigilant, it does what it must to ensure the proper actions are taken against intruders.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Tengu 92 50,468 171,276
Tengu 94 52,875 207,243
Captain Tengu 96 55,339 246,224
Giant Tengu 98 1,081,995 1,901,497
Great Tengu 98 1,081,995 0


Image:gongury.jpg Image:gongurym.jpg
A once proud and pleasant rare breed of Elephants, an Evil Sceientist bent on discovering the Knowledge of Life, turned these beasts into the monsters that you currently see today. On their back a turbine rocket lies, that is said to be 100x more powerful than the Hera bike.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Gongury 93 51,664 188,403 electric.gif
Gongury 94 52,875 207,243 electric.gif
Captain Gongury 95 54,100 225,894 electric.gif
Giant Gongury 98 1,081,995 1,901,497 electric.gif


Image:Shuhamma.jpg Image:Shuhammam.jpg
A relative of the Gongury, these much larger beast were also products of an evil experiment gone wrong. The only signs of nature that is left in this machine is the Tusk that has tremedous value if sold on the black market. It is believed to be harder than steel.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Shuhamma 96 55,339 246,224 electric.gif
Shuhamma 97 56,593 268,384 electric.gif
Captain Shuhamma 98 57,861 292,538 electric.gif
Giant Shuhamma 101 1,157,225 2,439,892 wind.gif

Ghost Of Forgotten Prince

Image:gotfp.gif Image:gotfpm.gif
The Legend Of Lais stated that these were Gods attempt at making man. The details are not known at what went wrong. Some scientists believe that a war between the Prince's. Causing a total collapse of the first civilization. Now their dead bodies enwrapped in unimaginable magical power lurk Azria. The Legends say, they look for a new body, these Ghost Of Forgotten Prince...
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Ghost Of Forgotten Prince 97 56,593 322,061 electric.gif


Image:Asterius.gif Image:Asteriusm.gif
In-depth Description and Information Coming Soon. Or can someone add one?
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Asterius 98 57,861 292,538
Asterius 100 60,441 347,563
Captain Asterius 102 63,079 405,397
Giant Asterius 104 1,235,058 3,073,551
Great Asterius 104 1,235,058 0


Image:Kern.jpg Image:Kernm.jpg
A long time ago, after the world was created a raging inferno known as The Asteroid plummetted through the skies before bursting into a billion pieces. The pieces landed in a strange Lava which created a chemical reaction that created the Kerns.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Kern 99 59,144 318,866 fire.gif
Kern 100 60,441 347,563 fire.gif
Captain Kern 101 61,753 375,368 fire.gif
Giant Kern 104 1,235,058 3,073,551 earth.gif
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