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Monsters:Level 21-30

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image:Pang Tiny.gif

Pang here, just wanted to give you some friendly Advice. Did you know that you can click on the "Heading" or "Name" to bring you to a page that has more information? Go ahead and try. Pang Out.

Mutant Fefern

Image:mfefern.jpg Image:mfefernm.jpg
These mutated Feferns are as deadly as their predecessor, possessing the same ability to immobilze their dinners. However unlike their dim witted counterparts, these human-eating plants are much smarter.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Mutant Fefern 21 3,802 100 water.gif
Mutant Fefern King 22 3,928 110 earth.gif
Mutant Giant Fefern 25 75,204 750 water.gif


Image:Wagsaac.jpg Image:Wagsaacm.jpg
The Wagsaac race are mutated Venus Fly Traps. Their appetite is not only limited to insects, but they grind their hungry jaws on humans too! Though, their favorite food is Blue Honey; you might get away from their snapping jaws if you lure them away with some Blue Honey.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Young Wagsaac 21 3,803 61 earth.gif
Wagsaac 21 3,802 63 water.gif
Grownup Wagsaac 22 3,928 69 earth.gif
Giant Wagsaac 25 75,204 479 water.gif


Image:Flybat.jpg Image:Flybatm.jpg
The angrier and more aggressive cousin of the Aibatt. Once they both lived in harmony, but the Flybats could not keep up with the reproduction of their cousins, so they had to migrate to Saintmorning to have more room without the Aibatts.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Flybat 21 9,110 79 wind.gif
Flybat 21 9,110 81 wind.gif
Captain Flybat 22 9,414 89 wind.gif
Giant Flybat 25 90,245 622 water.gif

Mutant Nyangnyang

Image:mnyangyang.jpg Image:mnyangyangm.jpg
The much stronger mutated versions of the Nyangnyang. These extremely agressive monsters may be colorful and cute, but never judge a book by it's cover, because tales have been told about how wanderers are eaten alive...
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Mutant Nyangnyang 23 3,921 130 electric.gif
Mutant Nyangnyang Queen 24 4,044 140 fire.gif
Mutant Giant Nyangnyang 27 82,948 960 electric.gif


Image:Mia.jpg Image:Miam.jpg
Hundreds of years ago, there were many girls being shipped to Saintmorning as slaves. One day while sailing, a great storm came and capsized the whole ship, leaving the bounded girls to drown. Their trapped spirits now haunt Saintmorning, awaiting the day they can be free once again.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Mia 23 3,921 79 wind.gif
Mia 23 3,921 83 fire.gif
Captain Mia 24 4,044 90 wind.gif
Giant Mia 27 82,948 632 fire.gif

Mutant Bang

Image:mbang.jpg Image:mbangm.jpg
The guardian and executioner of the Mas Dungeons these doomsayers wander throughout the treacherous maze in hopes of cutting anyone who trys to navigate their way through it. Be weary of the giant Axe as it is sharper than diamonds.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Mutant Bang 25 4,454 170 earth.gif
Mutant Boss Bang 26 4,586 190 electric.gif
Mutant Giant Bang King 29 88,035 1,300 earth.gif

Mr Pumpkin

Image:Mrpumpkin.jpg Image:Mrpumpkinm.jpg
A man with a vengeance, and a head of a delicious orange fruit. Originally they had been normal crops in the farmer's fields, but the farmers had been experimenting with their soil and made a chemical reaction, ultimately giving birth to the evil that is Mr. Pumpkin.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Stale Mr. Pumpkin 25 4,454 103 water.gif
Mr. Pumpkin 25 4,454 108 water.gif
Rotten Mr. Pumpkin 26 4,586 119 water.gif
Giant Mr. Pumpkin 29 88,035 821 earth.gif

Red Mantis

Image:Redmantis.jpg Image:Redmantism.jpg
These fearsome, half-insect and half-monster reside near the farms of Saint Morning. They eat on the crops of the farmers' and are left unpunished since the farmers themselves fear these sharp-clawed creatures.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Red Mantis C 27 4,601 136 electric.gif
Red Mantis B 27 4,601 143 electric.gif
Red Mantis A 28 4,730 156 electric.gif
Giant Red Mantis 31 93,121 1,060 earth.gif

Jack The Hammer

Image:Jackhammer.jpg Image:Jackhammerm.jpg
They were once a part of the dwarpet villages in Saintmorning, but they boasted too much of their powerful strength and soon began to annoy most of the village. They became so egotistical that they were forced out of the village, to live in solitary. They now dwell in their own sanctum in Saintmorning wielding huge hammers.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Jack the Hammer 29 5,003 177 fire.gif
Jack the Hammer 29 5,003 185 fire.gif
Captain Jack the Hammer 30 5,137 201 fire.gif
Giant Jack the Hammer 33 101,552 1,377 electric.gif


Image:mveduque.jpg Image:mveduquem.jpg
A tribe like the Mia dolls, these "things" were dealt a larger curse which left them as you see. Half serpant, half human these Veduque guard the door to a secret room which possess untold riches. However, it is said that the Hair of A Veduque is worth 100 times that of any treasure in the Mars Dungeon.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Vice Veduque 30 3,000 200 water.gif
Worm Veduque 32 47,000 2,000 fire.gif
Serus Uriel 35 35,415 3,000 wind.gif
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