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Monsters:Level 11-20

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image:Pang Tiny.gif

Pang here, just wanted to give you some friendly Advice. Did you know that you can click on the "Heading" or "Name" to bring you to a page that has more information? Go ahead and try. Pang Out.


Image:Doridoma.jpg Image:Doridomam.jpg
Doridoramas or "Little Dragons" as they were called before, were a very powerful tribe that could terrify the Flyff World. Now, due to wars between opposing tribes, they have sunk to an ordinary monster level. Monster Ability: Inflicts Poison.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Doridoma 11 2,297 22 water.gif
Doridoma 11 2,297 23 electric.gif
Captain Doridoma 12 22,398 25 water.gif
Giant Doridoma 14 52,852 168 electric.gif


Image:Lawolf.jpg Image:Lawolfm.jpg
Swift, viscous and stealthy creatures as they are, Lawolfs pride themselves as the best of wolves. Their fangs and claws are far sharper and longer compared to those of the ordinary breed.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Young Lawolf 13 2,297 22 fire.gif
Lawolf 13 2,297 23 wind.gif
Grownup Lawolf 14 2,398 25 fire.gif
Giant Aibatt 17 52,852 168 wind.gif


Image:Fefern.jpg Image:Fernfernm.jpg
Feferns are powerful and cruel monsters evolved from poisonous mushroom stems. They are mobile creatures with the body of a plant and the head of a flower wherein their sharp fangs are enclosed
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
1st Class Fefern 15 2,320 29 earth.gif
Fefern 15 2,320 30 electric.gif
2nd Class Fefern 16 2,415 32 earth.gif
Giant Fefern 19 52,145 214 electric.gif


Image:Nyangnyang.jpg Image:Nyangnyangm.jpg
Nyangnyangs are evolved humans that closely resemble cats. They naturally have a silent and calm nature but can be quite ferocious once angered. They are not your ordinary feline pets!
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Cute Nyangnyang 17 3,080 36 fire.gif
Nyangnyang 17 3,080 38 electric.gif
Creep Nyangnyang 18 3,197 31 fire.gif
Giant Nyangnyang 21 65,032 280 electric.gif


Image:Bang.jpg Image:Bangm.jpg
History of the Roika Mainland tells us that an ancient wizard cast a spell upon the Bangs to use it as a weapon for world domination. Bangs have skin stronger than steel and find enjoyment in fighting. Monster Ability: 4-second Stun.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Bang 19 2,994 46 electric.gif
Captain Bang 19 2,994 48 earth.gif
Boss Bang 20 3,101 53 electric.gif
Giant Bang 23 63,106 367 earth.gif


Image:Mothbee.jpg Image:Mothbeem.jpg
One of the only three monsters to be gifted with the endowment of flight. They are mutated offspring of giant bees and moths. They may seem harmless while flying through the air, but they can be formidable opponents face-to-face in the sky.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Mothbee 20 3,404 53 wind.gif
Mothbee 20 3,404 55 wind.gif
Captain Mothbee 21 3,521 61 wind.gif
Giant Mothbee 25 75,204 479 fire.gif
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Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

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