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Monsters:Level 1-10

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image:Pang Tiny.gif

Pang here, just wanted to give you some friendly Advice. Did you know that you can click on the "Heading" or "Name" to bring you to a page that has more information? Go ahead and try. Pang Out.


Image:Aibatt.jpg Image:Aibattm.jpg
Just located outside the gates of Flaris, the Aibatt race is the first opponent young Vagrants encounter. Be wary, it has been rumored that they are actually toys of the devil himself.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Aibatt 1 120 2 wind.gif
Aibatt 1 148 2 wind.gif
Captain Aibatt 2 190 3 wind.gif
Giant Aibatt 5 14,326 40 fire.gif


Image:Mushpang.jpg Image:Mushpangm.jpg
These unusual creatures were said to be created through the chemical reaction of fungus to mushrooms. They are very neutral to travelers but be careful not to provoke them as they do fight back!
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Mushpang 3 305 4 earth.gif
Mushpang 3 348 5 earth.gif
Captain Mushpang 4 373 7 earth.gif
Giant Mushpang 7 19,764 56 water.gif


Image:Burudeng.jpg Image:Burudengm.jpg
Believed to have evolved from cockroaches and pigs, these sharp-toothed creatures eat bugs as their primary source of food. However, they may be extremely hungry sometimes and attack unwary travellers as well.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Burudeng 5 877 9 electric.gif
Burudeng 5 877 9 electric.gif
Captain Burudeng 6 933 11 electric.gif
Giant Burudeng 9 24,323 66 wind.gif


Image:Punkpuke.jpg Image:Punkpukem.jpg
Pukepukes tend to have the obsession of immitating humans. Like us they wear hats, shoes and use knives as their weapon. Rumor has it that they have been legends before the continent was discovered.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small PukePuke 7 1,236 12 earth.gif
PukePuke 7 1,236 13 earth.gif
Captain PukePuke 8 1,311 13 fire.gif
Giant PukePuke 11 31,556 81 earth.gif


Image:Peakyturtle.jpg Image:Peakyturtlem.jpg
They were called Peakyturtles because of their noticeably inclined back, similar to that of a mountain's peak. Although these creatures look calm and serene, they can be very aggressive when touched.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Small Peakyturtle 8 1,370 13 water.gif
Peakyturtle 8 1,370 13 electric.gif
Captain Peakyturtle 9 1,445 14 water.gif
Giant PeakyTurtle 12 36,132 91 electric.gif


Image:Urchan_demian.jpg Image:Uchan_demianm.jpg
Demians are mischievous children who stowed away from home. They wield an extremely sharp knife as their weapon. These creatures are found mostly on the Demian Village, northeast of Flaris.
Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Urchin Demian 9 1,454 14 wind.gif
Demian 9 1,454 14 earth.gif
Bad Demian 10 1,529 15 wind.gif
Giant Demian 13 39,177 102 earth.gif
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