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Job Change:Ringmaster

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In the most tattered of worlds, the light of a Ringmaster shines brightly. Often seen giving life and protecting those weaker than them, the Ringmaster can vanish any crazed monster that has been driven crazy by the white moon of Roika...


Congratulations On Wanting To Become A Ringmaster

So you decided to become a Ringmaster? Congratulations on your endeavors! Ringmasters are the most desired class to partner with.They help players who need it and revive players who die if they come upon them. There will always be someone out there searching for your services. These services include your new healing, and powering skills. You'll start out with three new skills. But before that you have to do the job change quest.

Depending on your build, most RM's go Full intelligence. Meaning gathering quest items could be a dubious task. You may ask your guild friends, or friends, to come a long for the ride.

Visit Ringmaster Ellend

r1.jpg b1m.jpg

First thing to do is go to (Ringmaster Master)Ellend who is located in Darkon town next to the lodestar. Ellend tells you to prove your hero status by killing 20 normal Drillers.

Fly to the Drillers.

Defeat Ren

r2.jpg r2m.jpg
Once you fly back to Ellend, she will give you the Successor of Hero Seal and tell you to locate the Seal Of Aenn, from Ren in Saint Morning at Fantasy Desert. Blink To Saint Morning. Fly to Fantasy Desert to defeat Ren. He spawns agro aibatts. They are pretty weak so you should be able to make quick work of them. Once you defeat Ren he will drop the Seal Of Aenn.

--Quest changed to killing Rubo in Darkon, by the Syliacas--

Visit Ringmaster Wise-man Clamb

r3.jpg b3m.jpg
Blink to Flaris. Fly north towards the Mas Dungeon entrance and talk to (Ringmaster Wise-man)Clamb. He's surprised that you have the Seal because it was stolen by Ren a long time ago during the Hero's War. He gives you the Successor of Hero scroll and tells you to to deliver it to Teshar, the leader of hired soilders of Kryon.

Visit Teshar

r4.jpg r4m.jpg
Teshar takes the scroll from you and tells you to go to (Ringmaster Priest)Heedan. However, Heeden needs you to get The Teardrop of Aenn which was stolen by Hunter X.

Defeat Hunter X

r5.jpg r5m.jpg
From Flaris go towards the PeakyTurtles over the ocean into Darkon 1. Hunter X is a giant Trangfoma. He should be easily spotted. Kill him to receive the Teardrop Of Aenn. Now fly to Heedan.

Visit Ringmaster Priest Heedan

r6.jpg r6m.jpg
It's a long flight, but heads toward Heedan in Darkon 3. She will tell you to go fight the Venel Guardian, and obtain its Heart.

Defeat the Venel Guardian

r7.jpg b7m.jpg
Press "M" on your keyboard. Click on Darkon 3. See at the bottom where it says "Room of Guardian?" The Venel Guardian is located exactly where the letter "R" begins. Bring some star candy and kill it for the heart. After you defeat the guardian bring the heart to (Ringmaster Guardian)Romvoette.

Visit Ringmaster Guardian Romvoette

Enjoy the moment as you forever say goodbye to the assist class. Walk up the floating bridge and be proud on reaching level 60. Give your yourself a pat on the back. Take a screenshot of yourself before you officially become a Ringmaster and post it in our forum to show off!

The End

The guardian finally appoints you as a Ringmaster, and asks Aenn the first Ringmaster to bless you. One last advice, "The world will be divided in two: followers of the hero and followers of the followers".

Good luck as a new ringmaster and on your endeavors to become the greatest warrior in all the land! This guide could not have been possible if it were not for Tsunai, a Ringmaster of Mushpoie.

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Original Author's Note

Congratulations on becoming an acrobat! Acrobats are skilled with the bow and yoyo. Check out our Forums for additional assistance with your stats and skills by Searching for some good guides for help. You may also refer to The Archery Range. This is a great place to gain insight, as well as receive assistance, on any questions you may have concerning your life as an Acrobat.

Guide written by meimei. Thanks to Tenko for creating the assist guide, which was used as a reference. Also, a thank you to Tor for uploading and fixing up the guide, WreNXII for the screenshot of his Yoyo Acrobat, and Ryce for everything ♥.

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