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Job Change:Ranger

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The swift and nimble Ranger has two speeds: Walk, and kill! Known as the pretty boys and girls of Roika, the Rangers can take your life just as fast as you can fall for their good looks. While kind and calm at heart, the Ranger is often complicated and dangerous...


Congratulations On Wanting To Become A Ranger

Congrats on reaching level 60 and deciding to become a Ranger. With flashy skills and an amazing block rate, Rangers are an amazing AoE class. When you get stronger all magician related classes will fall to you.

Go To Darken

ra1.jpg b1m.jpg

First thing to do is go to (Ranger Master) Elilf, who is located in Darken town next, to the lodestar. Elilf tells you to prove your hero status by killing 20 normal Drillers.

Fly to the Drillers..

Kill 20 Regular Drillers

driller.jpg drillerm.jpg

They were created to help with construction in Darkon. Their internal circuits were damaged by falling rocks though and now, not only do they just dig through ground, they also want to dig through anything that looks alive, hoping they are doing their job correctly.

Name Lvl HP EXP
Driller 59 10,971 6,649

After killing 20 of the normal drillers, fly back to Elilf.

Defeat Rupo

ra2.jpg ra2m.jpg

Once you fly back to Elilf, she will give you a letter of recommendation and to go find the (Sage) Kimel. However, you need to first help Kimel out because a monster named Rupo stole a letter. Rupo is located in the Syliaca cave in Darkon 2.

Defeat Rupo to get letter.

Deliver The Letter To Kimel

ra3.jpg ra3m.jpg

Blink to Flaris. Fly North, towards the Mars Mine entrance and talk to (Sage) Kimel. The letter that Rupo stole actually belonged to the legendary Ranger hero Hynan. He then gives you the Successor of Hero scroll and asks you to to deliver it to (High-Dwarpet) Liekyen, at the North-West entrance of Darken town.

Talk To Liekyen

ra4.jpg ra4m.jpg

Once you reach (High-Dwarpet) Liekyen, he will tell you to go collect 8 History Books from Pranksters and visit (Ranger Priest) Rupim. These books foretell the the Histories of Heroes. The Pranksters are located at the Garden of Rhisis. Liekyen will also give you the Seal of Hynan.

Hunt Pranksters For 8 History Books

pranksters.jpg prankstersm.jpg

Kill the Pranksters in the Garden of Rhisis until you get the books from them. After you collect the books, blink to Darkon 3 and fly to (Ranger Priest) Rupim.

Talk To Ranger Priest Rupim

ra6.jpg ra6m.jpg

Once you reach Rupim, she will collect the Seal of Hynan and the Hitory of Heroes from you. She then thanks you for getting it back for her and directs you to the Venel Guardian, to get its heart, as a final task.

Slay The Venel Guardian

ra7.jpg b7m.jpg

On the Darkon 3 map, the Venel Guardian is located by the capital R in the "Room of Guardian" tag. Be sure to bring some food, as the Venel Guardian is tougher than other monsters of its level. After you defeat the Guardian, bring its claimed heart to the (Ranger Guardian) Kailreard.

Fly Further South To The Guardian Kailreard.

Talk To Kailreard


Enjoy the moment as you forever say goodbye to the acrobat class. Walk up the floating structure and be proud about reaching level 60. Give your yourself a pat on the back, as the Ranger Guardian finally appoints you as a Ranger!

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Original Author's Note

Good luck to Ranger hood and your endeavors to be the greatest warrior in all the land. This guide could not have been possible if it were not for ArrowsFighter, a Ranger of Aibatt.

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