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Job Change:Mercenary

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box-merc_02.gifbox-merc_03.jpgBold, cunning, and quick to the battle, Mercenaries make for great close-quarters combat and have the strength to explore their world alone as they wish. Mercenaries explore the world in hopes of gaining strength, and


Congratulations On Wanting To Become A Mercenary

You've finally reached level 15 and are ready for the first Job change of your Flyff life. Do not worry, Mercenaries are a fun and interesting class. If you have any questions and would like immediate help, please visit out Mercenaries Forum and start a new thread.

Speak To [Mercenary Drillmaster] Mustang

1.jpg 1m.jpg

To start the Mercenary job change quest, meet [Mercenary Drill Master] Mustang in East Flarine.

[Mercenary Drill Master] Mustang will want to test your abilities. He will ask you to kill 10 Small Aibatts.

Kill Small Aibatts

3.gif 3m.gif
Travel North of East Flarine, where many Small Aibatts are available.
Name Lvl HP EXP
Small Aibatt 1 171 2

After killing small Aibatts return to [Mercenary Drillmaster] Mustang.

Speak To [Mercenary Drillmaster] Mustang Again

1.jpg 1m.jpg
Ellic will congratulate you and reward you 1,500 penya and a Blinkwing of Flaris. He will ask for the following:
Icon Requirements Monster
twinkle.gif 5 Twinkle Stones Aibatt

Check your inventory to see if you have any of these items, as you may have collected some while levelling from 1 to 15. If this is the case, you may then directly skip to meeting up with [Mercenary Master] Andy. If not, continue reading.

Collect 5 Twinkle Stones

aibatt.jpg aibattm.jpg

If you do not have 5 twinkle stones, hunt any type of Aibatt for Twinkle Stones. Because of the large level difference, the drop rate for Twinkle Stones is extremely low, and you may consider purchasing some Twinkle Stones from various private shops in town.

Gather 5 Twinkle Stones and go to [Mercenary Master] Andy in Flarine Town if you have the rest of the quest items needed.

Talk To [Mercenary Master] Andy

3.jpg 3m.jpg

Andy is located in North Flarine, near the Lodestar. He will award you 1,500 Penya and a Blinkwing of Flaris for the collected items. Your next task will be to talk to [High-Dwarpet] Londrong.

Talk To [High-Dwarpet] Langdrong

5.jpg 5m.jpg

[High-Dwarpet] Langdrong will award you 1,500 Penya and a Label of Technique. Before returning to town, though, Londrong instructs you to defeat Babari.

Slay Babari

6.jpg 6m.jpg

Babari is a level 15 monster, located at the southern end of Flaris, behind the Public Office.

Kill Babari and go to [Mercenary Instructor] Hyuit in East Flarine Town, who stands next to Mustang.

Talk To [Mercenary Instructor] Hyuit

7.jpg 1m.jpg

Give the Label of Technique to [Mercenary Instructor] Hyuit. A blinding blue light will envelop you. Congratulations! You are now an Mercenary!. Your stats have now been reset. Your stats ("H") have now been reset. As a reward, you will receive 1,500 penya and the following items:

Icon Name Effects
bullhamstern.gif 1 Bull Hamstern (Event) Max HP+300 for 15 minutes
File:VitalDrinkX.gif 1 Vitaldrink X (Event) Provides unlimited FP for 20 minutes
activation.gif 1 Activation (Event) Provides unlimited action slot skills for 10 minutes
reskill.gif 1 Re-Skill (Event) Resets skill points

Since these items are not tradable, you may choose to use them now or save them for a later day.

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Original Author's Note

Congratulations on becoming a mercenary. Mercencaries are skilled with the Axe and Sword. Check out our Forums for additional assistance with your stats and skills by Searching for some good guides for help. You may also refer to The Barracks. This is a great place to gain insight, as well as receive assistance, on any questions you may have concerning your life as a Mercenary.

Thanks to Tor for doing the quests and submitting the screen shots.

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