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Job Change:Jester

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Having learnt the art of surprise the Jester is a group of rogue warriors which can become the deadliest enemy to anyone who cross their paths. If you are somehow able to stand face to face with a jester don't be surprise when you're dead and the Jester is no where to be seen...


Congratulations On Wanting To Become A Jester

Congratulations on reaching level 60! You are now ready to move forward and become arguably one of the most skilled classes at PvP. With an amazing critical rate and unique skills up their sleeves, many will bow down to the power of the jester.

Visit Jester Master Lorein

j1.gif j1m.gif

To begin your journey, visit (Jester Master)Lorein at Darkon Town near the lodestar. She assigns the task of hunting 20 Normal Drillers to prove that you are well-suited to become a Jester hero.

Travel to the Drillers, located East of Darkon Town.

Kill 20 Normal Drillers

driller.jpg drillerm.jpg

They were created to help with construction in Darkon. Their internal circuits were damaged by falling rocks though, and now, not only do they just dig through ground, they want to dig through anything looks alive, hoping they are doing their job correctly.

Name Level HP EXP
Driller 59 10,971 6,469

Kill 20 Normal Drillers and fly back to [Jester Master]Lorein.

Kill Ren

j2.gif j2m.gif

Upon completion of the quest, (Jester Master)Lorein rewards you with a letter of recommendation. She then instructs you to find Ren in the Fantastic Desert, south of Saint Morning, who has a ring which belongs to (Sage)Radion. You are to obtain the ring and return it to him. Ren is located at Saint Morning, near the Dumb Bulls.

Hunt Ren and obtain Ring of Ren.

Visit Sage Radion

j3.gif j3m.gif

After defeating Ren, use a Blinkwing of Flaris, and fly north to The North of Leren Mountain, where you will find [Sage]Radion. He thanks you for finding the ring which had once belonged to Jester hero Kerenen. Radion tells you to show the ring to (Pepoview)Clockcable.

Go to (Pepoview)Clockcable at Saint Morning Town

Talk To Clackcable

j4.gif j4m.gif

Clackcable is estatic for the ring and awards you with a Scroll of Stamp, proof that you deserve to be a Jester Hero. He instructs you to find the Jewel of Hero from Cisif, and to bring these items to (Jester Priest)Homeit

Go to the Alter of Jester in Darkon 3 and hunt Sisif.

Slay Cisif And Obtain Soulstone Of Hero

j5.gif j5m.gif

Defeat Sisif and obtain Soulstone of Hero.

Fly to (Jester Priest)Homeit.

Visit Jester Priest Homeiet

j6.gif j6m.gif

(Jester Priest) Homeiet thanks you for the Jewel of Hero and tells you to get the heart of the Venel Gaurdian, which is the guardian soul.

Go to the Room of Guardian in Darkon 3 kill the Venel Gaurdian for its heart.

Defeat Venel Guardian

j7.gif j7m.gif

Be prepared for your final test and defeat the Venel Guardian for its heart. After you defeat the guardian bring it to (Jester Guardian)Heingard.

Fly further South to (Jester Guardian)Heingard.

Visit Jester Guardian Heingard


Enjoy the moment as you forever say goodbye to the acrobat class. Walk up the floating bridge and be proud on reaching level 60. Give your yourself a pat on the back. Take a screenshot of yourself before you officially become a Jester and post it in our forum to show off!

The guardian finally appoints you as a Jester.

Good luck to Jester hood and your endeavors to be the greatest warrior in all the land. This guide could not have been possible if it were not for Zotrrix, a Jester of Aibatt.

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