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Job Change:Blade

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It is believed that the Blade was once a group formed before the change of our world, but no proof has been uncovered to date. Be careful not to make enemies of a Blade or you could find yourself on the ground before you know it...


Congratulations On Wanting To Become A Blade

Congratulation on reaching level 60. So you decided to become a Blade? Blades are known for their awesome attacking speed and high damage. They are in fact the fastest melee fighters in all the land. They are the clockwork killers and been rumored that a single Blade and one Ringmaster can destroy a clockwork in under one hour.

Visit Blade Master Corel

b1.jpg b1m.jpg

First thing to do is go to (Blade Master)Corel who is located in Darkon town next to the lodestar. Corel tells you to prove your hero status by killing 20 normal Drillers.

Fly to the Drillers.

Kill 20 Drillers

driller.jpg drillerm.jpg
They were created to help with construction in Darkon. Their internal circuits were damaged by falling rocks though, and now, not only do they just dig through ground, they want to dig through anything looks alive, hoping they are doing their job correctly.
Name Lvl HP EXP
Driller 59 10,971 6,469

Kill 20 normal Drillers and return to Ellend.

Find the Earrings of Heren

b2.jpg b2m.jpg
Once you fly back to Corel, she will give you the Nominated Of Master and tell you to locate the "Earrings of Heren." She also tells you to visit (Blade Wise-man)Guabrill, located at the Fountain of Dead Persons in North Leren Mountains.

Fly towards Darkon 3. The earrings are right in front of the first gate. Just look inside and there should be a pool, just after the Darkton 3 gate.

Visit Blade Wise-man Guabrill

b3.jpg b3m.jpg
Blink to Flaris. Fly north towards the Mas Dungeon Entrace and talk to Guabrill. He's surprised that you have the earrings. These earrings actually belonged to the Blade Hero, Heren, who was part of the Hero's War. Guabrill wants you to deliver the earrings back to the owner, however because Heren is dead, give it to Alta, who is managing the house of Heren.

Visit Alta

b4.jpg b4m.jpg
Once you meet Alta, he will give you the Hero scroll. It is a voucher which will recognize you as a successor of the Blade family. Alta tells you to head on over to (Blade Priest)Jeperdy in the Brekin area of Darkon 3. However, first you need to get the "Tear of Darkness" from Shacalpion because it is threatening the souls of heroes.

Blink to Saint Morning, and fly south towards "Tableland Of Silence".

Defeat Shacalpion

b5.jpg b5m.jpg
Tableland of Silence is the area in Saint Morning that doesn't allow flying, located right above the Rockmuscles and Hobos. Shacalpion is located southwest of the giant gear. Kill him to receive the "Tear Of Darkness".

Visit Blade Priest Jeperdy

b6.jpg b6m.jpg
It's a long flight, but heads toward Jeperdy in Darkon 3. Priest Jeperdy tells you that she will investigate the "Tears of Darkness," then gives you the "Symbol of Hero" and tells you to go fight the Venel Guardian. It is a place where the will of the heroes are protected. Defeat the guardian to obtain its Heart.

Defeat the Venel Guardian

b7.jpg b7m.jpg
Press "M" on your keyboard. Click on Darkon 3. See at the bottom where it says "Room of Guardian?" The Venel Guardian is located exactly where the letter "R" begins. Bring some star candy and kill it for the heart. After you defeat the guardian bring the heart to (Blade Guardian)Sencyrit.

Visit Blade Guardian Sencyrit

Enjoy the moment as you forever say goodbye to the mercenary class. Walk up the floating bridge and be proud on reaching level 60. Give your yourself a pat on the back. Take a screenshot of yourself before you officially become a Blade and post it in our forum to show off!  ;)

The End

The guardian finally appoints you as a Blade, and asks Heren the original Blade to bless you. One last advice, "Your Amusement will begin. Remember the amusement will destroy the world".

Good luck as a new blade and on your endeavors to become the greatest warrior in all the land! This guide could not have been possible if it were not for SandalHat, a Blade of Mushpoie.

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Original Author's Note

Congratulations on becoming a blade! Blades are skilled with the one-handed axe and the one-handed sword. Check out our Forums for additional assistance with your stats and skills by searching for some good guides for help. You may also refer to The Barracks. This is a great place to gain insight, as well as receive assistance, on any questions you may have concerning your life as a Blade.

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