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Job Change:Billposter

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Having once shared the same training grounds as the Assist, they've strayed from healing magic to seek a greater power. After 1000 years of training and searching for this power the BillPoster has finally grasp it...a power which even exceeds those of Gods.


Congratulations On Wanting To Become A Billposter

Visit Billposter Master Ride

File:Billposterchange1.gif File:Billposterchange1m.gif

To begin your quest, visit (Billposter Master)Ride in Darken. To test your combat skills, she will tell you to kill 20 normal Drillers - not smalls, not giants, just normals.

Note: If you don't usually carry specific Blinkwings, it will be handy to pick up a Flaris, SaintMorning, and two Darkon Blinkwings before starting this quest.

Kill 20 Drillers

driller.jpg drillerm.jpg
Name Lvl HP EXP
Driller 59 10,971 6,469

Once you have killed 20 Drillers, return to Ride.

Find the Hall Document

File:Billposterchange3.gif File:Billposterchange3m.gif
Ride, convinced that you are ready to be a successor to the Billposter Hero, gives you a letter of recommendation and tells you to deliver it and the Hall Document to (Billposter WIse-man)Domek.

To retrieve the Hall Document, you must find and defeat Hoiren.

Speak to Billposter Wise-man Domek

File:Billposterchange4.gif File:Billposterchange4m.gif
Once you have Hall Document, take it and your letter to Domek. He will ask you to now take it to Segho.

Take the Hall Document to Segho

File:Billposterchange5.gif File:Billposterchange5m.gif
Upon giving the Hall Document and to Segho, he will give you a stamped scroll and tell you to find the Poster of Skill, and deliver both the stamped scroll and Poster of Skill to (Billposter Priest)Fera.

Note: Because of invisible walls, reaching Segho can be difficult if you don’t know the way. The correct path to Segho is shown here

Retrieve the Poster of Skill

steamwalkers.jpg steamwalkersm.jpg
The Poster of Skill can be obtained by killing Steamwalkers.
Name Lvl HP EXP
Steamwalker 53 9,956 3,279

Once you have the Poster of Skill, take it to Fera.

Speak to Billposter Priest Fera

File:Billposterchange6.gif File:Billposterchange6m.gif
Fera is grateful to you, and gives you the Mark of Hero. She then sets before you the final task you must complete before you can become a successor to the Billposter Hero: you are to find the Venel Guardian, residing in the place where the Will of the Heroes is protected, and take its heart.


Defeat the Venel Guardian

File:Venelguardian.gif File:Venelm.gif
Find the Venel Guardian, and defeat it to retrieve its heart.

Visit Billposter Guardian Capafe

Enjoy the moment as you forever say goodbye to the assist class. Walk up the floating bridge and be proud on reaching level 60. Give your yourself a pat on the back. Take a screenshot of yourself before you officially become a Billposter and post it in our forum to show off!

The End

Upon presenting the Heart and the Mark of Hero to (Billposter Guardian)Capafe, she will appoint you at last as a Billposter, and as the successor to the Billposter Hero. With Roentel's blessing, may you succeed in all of your endeavors as a new Billposter!

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