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Iconic Figures

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Famous Public Figures

These people are individuals who did something to the game that has never been done before. They brought bad and good publicity to the game. They are forever legends of the game for doing what they did.

Pudding and TGE

Thomas and Kristen started and created a flyff Machinima called Pudding and TGE. They directed and wrote the entire script. The pudding and TGE series spans 10 episodes. It follows the story of TGE and Pudding as they travel through the world of Roika. During their travel they encounter many friends and foes.

Not many people know who these two are, even forum goers.There rise to fame is a complete mystery.

There is an unconfirmed report base on youtube comments, and flyfworld forum postings that Thomas has passed away.


Besides being a Flyff World forum administrator, ItsReiko is known as being a long-time leader of the premier guild in the first server cluster. Always among the highest levels of players, he is known for having a friendly attitude guy despite the egocentric nature of the high levels. While very competitive, he does not cross the line of douchiness like his other high level counter-parts. ItsReiko is the first billposter to reach level 105, 120, and the second billposter to reach level 121 in the lawolf cluster.

Shinzo And Rooh

On 10/12/2006(someone remember the date?) Shinzo posted a message on Spam Central to Rooh. The message was a marriage proposal. The following day the social networking site picked up on the thread and gave it massive exposure.

Gala-Net later picked up on this and the producer of Flyff later contacted the couple in game and propose that he can pay for the marriage and flight of Rooh to Shinzo.

The couple was very famous in Flyff as they were also the first Married couple in Flyff History. The couple did not marry each other in real life and separated some time after.

Currently Shinzo is in a rock band, while Rooh is in New York somewhere as an executive manager of a New York firm.

First Flyff Player To...

These players were players that changed the way we play the game. They were the first to 105, the first to 120, the first to have this type of build.

Legends of Flyff

Andy's In-game name was BasedGod,he accomplished many things in his Flyff career, he was the first person to score negative points in siege.

Chippie accomplished many things is his Flyff career too.He won the award for most likely to get scammed. Also he never really got the chance to seige after selling is lightning 7% for 300m.

Kenny, the leader. His in-game name was BronzieTheGod. He was leader of the guild GucciMayne and scored MvP every single siege. Till to this day he is known as the God of Bronze league....He never managed to get out.

Abner, he was a true legend in the Flyff scene, through the virtues of his career he managed to snag a GM account and in fact Guild Siege on it too. Even though he was unkillable and could one hit anyone, he still lost.

Dan, poor soul, got his sunglasses stolen by Ben. After that he uninstalled Flyff and we never saw him again.

Tyrell, the hoodest nigga eflyff has ever seen.

Tony was the prettiest princess Flyff ever had to offer. They made a CS set after him only available to female characters. Thot Set

Zach, well he kept dying while trying to AoE. Keeps blaming "PoS Lag". Also owns TidesOfFate guild, never participated in siege.

Winged (First 105 on eFlyff)

The first player in eFlyff to achieve level 105. Winged is a male Blade from Lawolf. Winged excelled in general PvP and Guild Sieges in v6 and v7, because of his top of the list guild Hisatsu.

KillerCortiz (First 121 Hero on eFlyff)

The first player to hit level 120, and also the first person to complete the master quest and reach level 121 Hero. KillerCortiz is a male Blade from Lawolf.

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Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

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