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Game Masters

Game Masters are official employee's of the game. They work and are paid by the company. Game Masters also have special abilities in game. They have a massive amount of in game powers including, teleportation, unlimited Penya, unlimited damage, unrestricted access to every location, and more.

List Of Game Masters

Current Staff

  • NarKeni (Producer)
  • Cromiell (Associate Producer)
  • RabidFish (Community Manager)
  • StirFryRobot (Game Master)
  • Kooro (Game Master)

Former Staff

  • TurBo
  • Polynikes
  • Sabroso
  • MaxPang
  • feeLz
  • Xagel
  • Chris
  • limester
  • sweetZ
  • Norielc
  • delpheus
  • Acruz
  • YokoshimaNeko
  • Roanin
  • Raizei

Job Rights

Each game master and administrator has different rights.

Game Master's Rights

GMs have many abilities designed to help players within the game. GMs can:

  • Make items
  • Make Events
  • Enforce Rules well
  • Change name
  • Mute
  • Teleport people
  • Teleport to people
  • Go invisible
  • Teleport places
  • Kill players
  • Make Weather
  • Much more

Administrator Rights

Administrators, or Admins can do many more things then GMs.

  • Ban
  • Delete players/Accounts
  • Make GMs
  • Make EXP events
  • Modify Players
  • Modify Players items
  • Modify Accounts
  • Much more

How to spot out a GM

GMs mostly do not go in game. They would cause crowds of people. But a way to spot out a GM, is to click on a person and see if you see their health bar at the top of the game. If they do not have a Health bar, You have seen, indeed, a GM.

Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

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