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Flying:Rainbow Race

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Flyff Rainbow Race

FlyFFers, start your engines and get ready to take to the skies. Players will find a new reason to Fly For Fun in the latest update.

The Rainbow Race is a special event that occurs only once a week. Participants fly across the continents to see who is the fastest in Madrigal; however, the speed of their vehicles is not the only factor for winning. They must also complete seven mini-games in order to finish. These test their wits, reflexes, memory and hand-eye coordination. The top 10 finishers can return to the Rainbow Race NPC to obtain special prizes.


The Sign-up times are on Saturday from 12am to 2pm. The race begins on Saturday 3:30pm. The race ends on Saturday 5:30pm

How to sign up

  • Go to Channel 1 (You have to be in Channel 1 to play the game)
  • Go to an NPC near Darkon Bank called Rainbow Race Officer.
  • Click on Rainbow Race Officer and click on Apply for the Rainbow Race.
  • You will be asked to pay a 1m penya fee.
  • Pay the Fee and you will be signed up for the Rainbow Race.
  • Enjoy the GAMES!


  • The Rainbow Race only takes place in the first channel of each server.
  • All seven mini-games must be completed to finish the race. The order is completely random for every contestant.
  • Once the event has begun, an icon appears at the bottom of the navigator. You can check the status/details of the race by clicking it.
  • After completing the mini-games, players should go back and talk to the Rainbow Race Officer (NPC) in Darken and then select the option, "Confirm Completion of the Rainbow Race."
  • The following items cannot be used during the race:
    • Blinkwings, Summoning of Party Leader (future item, Friendship (A), (B) (future items, Couple Ring, Wedding Ring
  • Lords are permitted to use their special skills
  • At the end of the race go back to the Rainbow Race Officer and click on it. You will then click on "Confirm Completion of the Rainbow Race"


There are Seven Mini-Games. You have to complete each Mini-Game one by one to finish the race. Note: the Rainbow Spirit NPCs are all located on floating islands above the continents.

Game NPC Task
Gawi, Bawi, Bo Red Rainbow Spirit Play and win three times in a row.
Dice Game Orange Rainbow Spirit Play until the total number count on the dice equals the number given by the NPC|-
Arithmetic Game Yellow Rainbow Spirit Correct the five (mis-)calculations the NPC shows you. All five must be corrected in a row.
Stop Watch Game Green Rainbow Spirit Press the Stop button at the exact moment the NPC states.
Typing Game Blue Rainbow Spirit Type the letters and numbers that the NPC gives you.
Remember Game Indigo Rainbow Spirit Find the matching cards.
Mysterious Ladder Violet Rainbow Spirit Play the ladder game until you reach the crown. -


The Top 10 finishers get a percentage of the proceeds from the race. The percent is decided on what place you get in the race.
Winners Reward (Penya)
First Place 50% the total application fee
Second Place 24% the total application fee
Third Place 12% the total application fee
Forth Place 6% the total application fee
Fifth Place 3% the total application fee
Sixth Place 1.5% the total application fee
Seventh Place .75% the total application fee
Eight Place .375% the total application fee
Ninth Place .1875% the total application fee
Tenth Place .09375% the total application fee -

There are also prizes for the racers who completed more then 3 mini games. These prizes are Fireshower and Rainbow boxes. They include stuff like cotton candy, transies, batteries, common banks, fullshouts, and more wonderful goodness which is determined randomly when the opened.

All prizes are delivered by mail.
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