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FlyffWorld Controversies

Since the beginning of FlyffWorld in October 2005 the site has had its share of controversy. Some of the controversies have been small internal battles while others managed to move outside of the site and take a life of its own. Each controversy listed here somehow managed to change Flyffworld for good or bad and sometimes both.

FlyffWorld vs Main Flyff Forums

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Name: Tor
DOB: January 6, 1985
Sex: Male
Race: Asian (Laotian)
Height: 5’8-5’9
Location: Oregon

      Tor joined FlyffWorld on July 22, 2006 without much fanfare. By July 30, 2006 Tor was the talk of FlyffWorld with rumors ranging from him buying FlyffWorld to being a master hacker of sorts. Members did not know what to make of the new member who just happened to be a new admin a well. So the members did the only thing that came to mind. They made threads to post their displeasure and fear about being sold out to a newcomer. To make matters worse the ,admin of choice, SilentXHiLL was out of the loop about this as well and was unable to log on to FlyffWorld that this time due to internet issues. This quickly became a war of FlyffWorld vs Tor and ,for the most part, the community was loud and clear about wanting Tor to leave. To his credit Tor was calm and understanding never once banning or threatening to ban members for their opinions even though it seemed he could do nothing right. But as time went on and weeks turn into months Tor became to be seen as a true member of Flyffworld, no longer the outsider who paid his way in. He was able to take a community of 8,000 and help turn it into a community of almost 45,000, while still keeping FlyffWorld the same.

Other Fan Sites

Tor is also the current owner of 1PerfectWorld, LunaHeroes, MyDragonica, and fan site hub MMOFAM.

Goodbye Admin of Past

Strafe had been the only admin on FlyFFWorld for awhile. He did a great job at keeping the place together, and is noted for being a better admin then Tor on the site, and it was sad to see him go. He will be remembered fondly though, as he was probably the best Administrator that FlyFFworld has ever had. It is not known why he sold the site, or how much he received, though it is speculated that the number was somewhere in the 10's of dollars.

Once the buyout was complete, Strafe start using his now dead site, for the game Seal Online.

He now runs the site a fan site for the game WonderKing, which is pretty much a blatant rip off of the game MapleStory.

A Tale of Two Lovers

Shinzo and Rooh, met on the internet, started an e-relationship, Shinzo got overzealous and proposed to Rooh in Spam Central, where he was a mod at the time, and made the thread a sticky.

Soon enough the website hit counter picked it up, and a very small portion of the internet went ablazed! As the saga and drama carried out over in Spam Central, Shinzo and Rooh's relationship was hitting an all time high, and after having a little e-mail back and forth with owner/admins, the site was to help Rooh fund raise enough money to send her over to the UK to meet Shinzo.

So they did, and plenty of 'proof or it didn't happen' pictures later, it was over.

But not for the drama, oh no! They soon had an in-game wedding, and even made it to the front page of the FlyFF site. It was a big event, and only an exclusive few were invited, one of them being the awesome Zestible.

The wedding went off without a hitch, with a big bulk of the GM force being there, it was the biggest thing to happen on FlyFF in awhile.

But as soon as it started, trouble arose.

Viva la Revolucion

Contributing members:

- Yoruichi, Aidan, Parker(Maraxis), NMK, Alexisonline, waggyhang, SlickD, Tor, Rutiene, Fuel


Formerly: Parker, ParkerKun

Having been banned from the forums on multiple occasions, Parker is speculated to have finally returned (permanently?) to the forums under the new alias Maraxis. Though he has yet to admit he is Parker, his actions lead many to believe he is Parker trying to annoy everyone.

Widely regarded as a faggot, not many people like the alias Maraxis.

Dr. Slick

Formerly: SlickD

Also known as the local crack baby. Can be heard for miles of web pages with his powerful strikes of masturbation and booming heroic two hander. Also known to smoke a good bowl every now and then, doesn't pass after 2 puffs. Is envied for his enormous e-penis.

Being one of the key members of "La Revolucion" of Spam Central, he is widely known in Spam Central for this and many other quests against the mod team. He is revered as a g0d.


On Dec 18th, 2010 Colliderscope was banned. The reason being posting a string of pictures displaying Dik, t, i, ts, and :D in said order, to play around with Tor's update to the forum - The latest pictures uploaded to the forums were displayed in the order they were uploaded. Because the pictures were visible not only on Flyffworld, but on the Vindictus forums as well, Tor felt the need to step in and banned Colliderscope and changed it back to random pictures. General views on the matter are that while the act was certainly not exactly angelic, it lacked the malicious intent or impact to warrant a ban.

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