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Flyff Rings

Inventory Ring Slots

Two rings can be equipped at the same time.

Rings primarily increase stat points (Str, Sta, Dex, Int).

Rings do not appear on your character; they are visible only in your inventory.

Unupgraded Rings can drop from all monsters. Upgraded rings can drop only from specific monsters. Rings are not sold by any NPC.

Upgradable Rings

These rings can be upgraded up to +20 using Moonstones.

Icon Name Description
File:VigorRing.gif Vigor Ring Increases Str
File:IntelliRing.gif Intelli Ring Increases Int
File:StamRing.gif Stam Ring Increases Sta
File:ArekRing.gif Arek Ring Increases Dex

Jewelry Set Rings

In addition to the regular bonuses provided by these rings, if they are worn with other pieces of their set a set bonus will be given.

Icon Name Description Jewelry Set
File:VigorRing.gif Champion's Ring Increases Str; Adds ADOCH Soul of the Champion
File:IntelliRing.gif Adept's Ring Increases Int; Adds DCT Soul of the Adept
File:StamRing.gif Defender's Ring Increases Sta; Adds Def Soul of the Defender
File:ArekRing.gif Marksman's Ring Increases Dex; Adds Parry Soul of the Marksman

Unupgradable Rings

These special rings cannot be upgraded, and are available only as is. They do not drop from any monsters, but can be obtained by other methods.

Icon Name Description
File:Dexion.gif Meteor Ring All Stats +1
File:Intiret.gif Meteofy Ring All Stats +3
File:Dexion.gif Shubrin Ring All Stats +1

Old Rings

These rings were removed from the game in Version 11. They no longer drop from Clockworks, and already existing ones were converted to equivalent, current rings. However, the developers failed to change the drop table for Lord Clockworks Alpha, so these rings may still be obtained through invasions. But for the most part, these rings remain here only to archive the history of Flyff.

Icon Name Description Equivalent Ring
File:Strente.gif Strente Increases Str Vigor Ring
File:Intiret.gif Intiret Increases Int Intelli Ring
File:Dexion.gif Dexion Increases Dex Arek Ring

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