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Flyff Couple System

The Couple System was introduced in English Flyff during the version 13 upgrade and allows players to earn extra power ups for their characters.


How to Propose

  1. Click on the character which you would like to propose to.
  2. Open your Motions Window by pressing O.
  3. The last icon, shown on right, depicts a character on one knee. Click on this button while selected on the character you would like to marry.
  4. The character who you proposed to will be asked whether to Accept or Deny your proposal.
  5. If s/he selects Yes, your characters will now be married.


  • To propose to a character, you must be of the opposite gender. If you would like to marry two characters of the same gender, you may purchase two transies.
  • You may propose once every 24 hours. Even if the character rejects you, you still must wait another day before proposing again.
  • There is no level requirement.
  • Characters who have married 100 times will receive the title Casanova.
  • Characters who have reached Couple Level 21 (highest couple level) will achieve the title Great Couple.

The Couple Window

Image:Couple Window.gif

To access the Couple Window, press F.

Your partner's information will appear in the first tab, along with your Couple Level and experience gained. You may also Break Up with a character from this screen. A Break Up does not require validation from the partner. Note that upon breaking up, your couple level will reset, and will not be restored if the couple get back together.

The second tab displays the Couple Skills, and information about the skills, which you have obtained. Skills which you have earned are colored.

Couple Skills

Icon Name Description
Image:Skill_Couple_Power.gif Power of Love Adds Attack and Defense Power.
Image:Skill_Couple_Blessing.gif Blessing of Love Increases the amount of Experience Points gained.
Image:Skill_Couple_Miracle.gif Miracle of Love Increases one's Drop Rate.

Couple Levels

When couples are together on the same channel, their couple experience increases. What the partners do while on-line does not affect the amount of experience gained. Partners gain a level approximately every 3.75 days, and 90 days to reach level 21.

Skills are automatically acquired after reaching that skill level and activate when your partner is in the same channel. Skills do not count as buffs and reside in the top right of your screen, next to items such as FLY cards, Upcut Stones, and Medicine.

Power of Love
Blessing of Love
Miracle of Love
Attack Power +20, Defense Power +10
+4% Experience Points
Attack Power +60, Defense Power +30
+4% Experience Points
Attack Power +80, Defense Power +40
+8% Experience Points
Drop Rate +5%
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Flyff Wiki Flyff Wiki

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