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Flyff Controversy

Flyff the game itself has had many controversy, mostly related to the Cash shop and removing features of games that were not neccessary.

Cash Shop

Flyff is a free game that is supported through the use of GalaNet's Cash Shop system or microtransactions . However as the years progressed the game has increasingly become more cash shop oriented to level and make money.

Penya Duplication

At the end of Flyff v6, a bug involving latency and the Mailbox was discovered, which allowed players to duplicate their penya. During the few weeks that this was happening Gala did not have a fix and this caused the Flyff's economy to become unstable. Many of the players that were duplicating their penya, were buying items which sold for one million, or 20 million for up to 20x the amount that the current market value of those items were at.

Instead of rolling the servers back to a time when there was no penya duplication, Gala decided to instead keep everything the same and block user accounts who they thought were duplicating penya. This did not solve the problem and many people feel that at this point in the game the Flyff Economy became inflated and destabilized.

Gala became the blame because during the Penya dupe players in game were buying desired items to sell for a higher price. Gala did not want to refund these influx of earnings.

Better Business Bureau Rating

The BBB has given Gala Net publisher of North American English Flyff an F. The lowest rating you can get on the BBB is an F while the highest is an A[1]

Official Forum Censorship

Complaints, support requests and many other forms of user suggestions get locked and deleted by moderators. Any threads which bring bad reputation to the game will get locked almost immediately.

Game Master Controversy

Flyff has had a history of GM's being fired or leaving because of community related controversy as well as in game controversy.

GM limester Power Leveling

Players became suspicious when a normal user (Strago) jumped an impossible amount levels in a short time. Many people began to speculate that Strago's close relationship to volunteer GM limester is the reason for this. Many also speculate that Strago received rare items and equipment from limester.

Strago was a moderator on the official Flyff forum.

GM Chris Leaving

Chris was one of the first head GMs on FlyFF. He left his job at Gala-Net to join the game company Capcom, to work on games.

Players began to provide screen shots of GM Chris giving away free items. These items were extremely rare and very hard to get on Flyff. The screen shots also showed Chris having favoritism towards female game Characters. This however did not lead to him leaving his job.

GM Xagel Leaving

GM Xagel was considered the most liked GM of the bunch. He was known to help players and do many things that his job did not require him to do.

GM Xagel became the target of a hacker, who also made public a lot of his personal information.

This hacker was in a group called "The Defaced," who hacked Flyff many times causing it to have both a massive rollback, and it being shutdown for an extended period of time in order to add security to the game. During the hacks, The Defaced stole the required amount of data to make a server, and made the currently most popular and first private server, FlyForFame. GM Xagel later resigned. However it was not known if he was forced to resign or voluntarily quit.

GM YokoshimaNeko Personal Pictures

A picture of GM YokoshimaNeko began to circulate around FlyffWorld. The personal pictures were of GM YokoshimaNeko in a cosplay outfit. GM YokoshimaNeko quit after this incident.


  1. BBB Gala Net Rating

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