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Pyskeepers are often thought as the devils of Roika because of their dark magic and awesome powers which can put a stop to any foe in their sight. If you wish to become a Psykeeper, your joy must rest in degrading others to nearly nothing...


Flyff Psykeeper

Psykeepers have all the right skills to challenge and destroy anyone but the Rangers. Any short range attacks on Psykeepers will be useless against them. So Blades, Knights, Ringmasters, and Billposters are pretty much useless and defenseless.

A Psykeeper's weakness is a Ranger, since Rangers can render magic useless for 15 seconds. However, against other classes, and monsters, too, the Psykeeper is a demonic spell caster with deadly efficiency.

Giant hunting with a Psykeeper will guarantee a victory almost every time because of skills which will make monsters immobile. A Psykeeper's attacks are slow but strong, and therefore killing a giant poses no threat to them, but may take a while.

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Psykeeper Skills

Icon Skill Description Max Lvl
File:Skill_Psy_Demonology.gif Demonology Damages the enemy with a mental blast. 10
File:Skill_Psy_PsychicBomb.gif Psychic Bomb Damages the enemy the with a ball of mental energy. 10
File:Skill_Psy_CrucioSpell.gif Crucio Spell Deals damage to an enemy equal to twice the amount the enemy deals. 10
File:Skill_Psy_Satanology.gif Satanology Prevents an enemy from approaching. 10
File:Skill_Psy_SpiritBomb.gif Spirit Bomb Does damage to an enemy based on your remaining MP amount. 10
File:Skill_Psy_MaximumCrisis.gif Maximum Crisis Surrounds and damages the enemy in a strong mental barrier. 10
File:Skill_Psy_PsychicWall.gif Psychic Wall Creates a wall that pushes an enemy back and damages them if they touch it. 10
File:Skill_Psy_PsychicSquare.gif Psychic Square Damages the enemies around you with a psychic blast. 10

Psykeeper Master Skill

Icon Skill Description Max Lvl
File:Skill_PsyEle_Master.gif Special INT Mastery Increases INT. 5

Psykeeper Hero Skill

Icon Skill Description Max Lvl
File:Skill_Psy_Hero.gif Petrification Disables target's Keyboard, Mouse, HP, MP and FP recovery.

However, the target will not take any damage for the duration of the skill.


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